Sashiko Japanese National Soccer Uniform

Sashiko Japanese National Soccer Uniform

A few hours to the second soccer match of the Japanese National Soccer Team. Do you know, in the World Cup 2018, they designed Sashiko Japanese National Soccer Uniform? Some of my friends who are into Sashiko asked me if that is actually Sashiko (and it is not actually Sashiko since it is merely printing). The design itself is simple line and looks like a series of dots.

However, I am very happy and honored that the designer for the Japanese National Soccer Uniform decided to mention the culture of Sashiko. The more people hear the words of Sashiko, the bigger interest we get. It is a very important step to introduce Sashiko to the world.


Learn what Sashiko is here.


Sashiko Japanese National Soccer Uniform

To be frank, when I heard the news of this uniform, I got a mixed feeling of, “What in the world…?” and “Wow, Sashiko is getting so popular”. I am a big fan of Soccer, and I never thought of Sashiko being featured in soccer uniform.




I, of course, prefer the hand-stitching. However, it isn’t the point here.

In order to pass down the Sashiko culture to the next generation, I sincerely believe that the spreading the concept of Sashiko is the best way to do so. If anyone gets interested in the design, then look for information about Sashiko, it is so wonderful thing through the world-wide event.



One day. Sashiko for the actual uniform.


It is very unrealistic to have the hand-stitched soccer uniform. It wouldn’t be as functional as it should be to win the soccer match. However, the dream is there. The Sashiko implemented to the modern cloth.

I will enjoy the Japanese National Soccer match with enjoying Sashiko with looking for the day I can make stitches for the national team.


Go for JAPAN!!

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