Sashiko Fukubukuro

Sashiko Fukubukuro (福袋)

Fukubukuro (福袋) is an interesting Japanese custom to celebrate the new year with hoping for the wealth of the year. It originated to the idea of “Ebisu Bag” from a big textile (Kimono) merchandise start selling their Kimono swatches to their customers. Later, the Japanese changed its style, and we know Fukubukuro as a lucky bag (or a blind bag with fortune). It was such a great offer in 2019 to introduce this idea of Sashiko Fukubukuro. Although there isn’t much relationship with Sashiko, I would like to continue this offer, Sashiko Fukubukuro, in 2020 as well.

Sashiko Fukubukuro (福袋)

Once a year, celebrating the coming year from both customer & supplier sides. A customer gets a happy bag(s) full of items, and a supplier wishes for the best luck in the welcoming year. To do so, the bag contains goods above the purchase price. It is not a sale promotion or discount, but by celebrating (combining as a lucky bag – Sashiko Fukubukuro), the customer will get a good deal. (You may know we rarely offer discount codes – no Black Friday or Memorial Day Sale in this website).

The Detail – Sashiko Fukubukuro

A. Keiko Thread Bag 2020

This “A Keiko Bag” will have at least 7 skeins of Sashiko thread that we use every day. It will include at least 3 Naturally Dyed Sashiko thread, hand-dyed by Keiko, and more beautiful color Sashiko thread.

We will pick up the colors. The possible colors you will get are the following:

*The total retail value will be no less than $145.00.

As you may know already, we rarely offer the sales deal. I hope you can enjoy this Fukubukuro to try out our beautiful & the highest quality Sashiko Thread.

B. Azu Sashiko Bag 2020

The “B. Azu Bag” will include Sashiko related items for anyone to start & maximize their Sashiko experience.

The items (contents) will be selected randomly. Please check the list of the possible items you may expect to receive below (Please understand that it will NOT contain everything I mention here. I will choose items from this list).

I will make sure to meet your expectations and exceed the item’s value. My goal is to encourage people to start & continue enjoying Sashiko. If you are a beginner, please mention it in the comment box at the checkout. Please contact me if you have any questions before the purchase.

A possible item list of B. Azu Fukubukuro

The contents will be randomly selected by these.

  • Sashiko Needles
  • Sashiko Thimble(s)
  • A few skeins of Sashiko thread | more than $35 in value
  • Fabric for Sashiko (Manufactured in Japan) | more than $20 in Value
  • Fabric made in Japan
  • Small Vintage Fabric swatch for trial
  • A chalk pencil/marking tool
  • A Pin Cushion
  • Sewing tools
  • A grip scissors

The price for the “B. Azu Bag” is $120.20 with USPS the US domestic shipping fee included.

Terms and Conditions for Sashiko Fukubukuro

Please read the terms of “Sashiko Fukubukuro” service before you complete the order. It is based on the concept of “blind bag” and “lucky bag”. Therefore, we will not accept any returns or claims of the contents you receive. We will do our best to exceed your expectations in terms of values of contents. 

  • The Bags will be sold between January 2nd around 8 pm in EST to January 26th. The sales continue while the supply last, and it may be ended before the final date.
  • The shipping will be made accordingly to the order. However, unlike the other regular orders which we usually ship in 1 business day, the Sashiko Fukubukuro order will take longer than that (Please expect a week to 2 weeks to be shipped). Regardless, all of the orders will be shipped before the end of January.
  • We will not accept any return or cancel after the shipment. If you would like to cancel the order, please let us know as soon as possible. 
  • The Sashiko Fukubukuro Bag may contain an item without original packaging. We will re-package and will send them in a nice condition.
  • The item may be an item that was “returned” as the sellable condition. No second-hand item will be included (besides the vintage fabric).
  • The Sashiko Fukubukuro (2020) include the US Domestic shipping fee. You may purchase one with the extra shipping fee. Depends on the shipping address, the package may be shipped from Japan. Keiko is preparing for the Sashiko Fukubukuro – international version. Please consider one there as well.

*All the photos are the sample contents. Colors and items insides are subject to change, but the photo explains what you can expect to get.

Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts to “Sashiko Fukubukuro (福袋)”

  1. Please notify me when these “lucky bags” are up for sale.
    Going for the big one … lol

  2. Do you have any of the Azu Sashiko Bags left? I know the end date was the 26th and today is the 28th, but thought it never hurts to ask!

    1. Thank you for the comment.
      I was just about to close the Fukubukuro Page. Yes, you can purchase one if you would like to 😀
      It would be great if you could process it within a day or so.

      Thank you.

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