Pastel Color Sashiko Thread

Pastel Color Sashiko Thread | Unique Color Available

Look at these unique Pastel Color Sashiko Thread!

We have been very happy with our Sashiko Collection; 15 Mono Colored and 5 Variegated Colored (Synthetic Dye) and more than 30 Natural Dyed including Indigo and Kakishibu Persimmon Tannin. As a spokesman to share the beauty and fun of Sashiko, I would like to keep introducing the other option for the Sashiko stitching. I have tried these Pastel Color Sashiko Threads. The quality is good enough to meet my expectation and the color is brilliant. The price is reasonable compared to the Natural Dye (Hand-Dyed) Sashiko Thread. I believe these thread will expand the possibility of your Sashiko projects.


*I used to work for a company that also manufactures (OEM) the Sashiko Thread. Therefore, most of my Sashiko experience is with the thread I have been introducing (the thread manufactured by Coron). After being a part of the group of Sashiko artists, I now start using the other Sashiko threads produced by the other manufacturers. 



Make a difference | Matter of preferences


It is all about preferences. These bright Pastel Color Sashiko Thread can satisfy one Sashiko project while only the Natural Dye Sashiko thread can be satisfactory for one project. Personally speaking, I would prefer to avoid mixing these bright colors and natural dye Sashiko thread, but the thread themselves are very satisfactory.


I made a sample fabric with the Pastel Color Sashiko thread. The threads have very soft – pastel color as they are. However, when you make a stitching, I can be pretty bright and they are very beautiful. I hope you can find the one for your Sashiko project.


Pastel Color Sashiko Thread Stitch Sample



Pastel Color Sashiko Thread | Selection


Pastel Color Sashiko Thread All Colors


We have 5 colors available in stock.

The manufacturer makes more colors, but some of them are very similar to our Sashiko Thread Collection. These 5 colors are similar to the Natural Dye Sashiko thread comparing to the regular Mono-Dye Sashiko thread. I plan to expand the variety based on the need for the market. Let us know what you think about these Pastel Color Sashiko Thread!


Pastel Color Sashiko Thread 63
#63 | Blue Green Color
Pastel Color Sashiko Thread 65
65 | Light Green
Pastel Color Sashiko Thread 66
66 | Light Purple
Pastel Color Sashiko Thread 68
68 | Rose Purple
Pastel Color Sashiko Thread 69
69 | Deep Purple


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