October 30, 2021 at 11:00AM

I advocate the importance of “acknowledgement” for the Stories behind the word, Sashiko. I am saying that the Sashiko introduced in English is insufficient (not Wrong, though). However, unlike the other information sources, I do believe that there is no such a thing as “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko. Everyone has a different stitching, and everyone’s Sashiko is all good. “All Different, All Good”.

It doesn’t mean that “whatever is good”, though. “No rule” is more challenging than “following someone’s rule”. We have to think by ourselves. We have to face what we can & who we are. Therefore, I share the importance of “learning Sashiko” instead of “following something for instant gratification”. The rule you know about Sashiko isn’t wrong, but not the whole picture. It is the rule someone made for them to control the market/practice easier.

For some reasons, it is much easier to communicate this, “All Different, All Good” in Japanese. Probably, in the western culture, it is quite important to “define the correct answer in dualism”. I hope I am communicating this “Japaneseness in Sashiko” over this account and Youtube Videos. In my Online Sashiko Class, one learns how to stitch like we do from the technical perspective. After they learn the core, they will reach the essence of Sashiko: There is no such a thing as Right and Wrong. When there is no right and wrong, one can learn how to stop being judgmental to themselves. We do NOT embrace imperfection as an excuse to not to get better. We just accept who we are so we can get closer to being more “perfect”.


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