Sashiko Mending Gathering

Mending Jeans and Garments with Sashiko

I started providing Sashiko workshops in NYC in 2017. I was happily surprised so many people were interested in Sashiko stitching. At the same time, I learned that “upcycle and repurpose culture” for garments is getting so big and popular along to the keyword of Sashiko. Many people asked me if I can repair denim, and the requests encouraged me to offer mending jeans workshop in NYC. Mending jeans with Sashiko stitching was simply my personal hobby, and now it gets attention.


I am happy to share what I do.

In this website, Upcycle Stitches LLC shares some of our Sashiko mending/repairing projects.


Sashiko Mending
A photo of Boro Jacket. The result of repeating Sashiko Mending


What do you need for mending Jeans

Mending and repairing denim fabric requires several good quality tools. It is simply a hand-stitching process, so you can use any types of hand-sewing needle, thimble, and thread. However, we strongly recommend getting a good quality one. Otherwise, you may waste your time and damage the garment you love. If you would like to do the work we are doing in this website, please get the supplies and tools from our online store. It can protect you from the detour you may end up with by getting the inappropriate tools and supplies.


For Sashiko, we strongly recommend using tools specifically designed for Sashiko. Here is a list of the reason.

  • Sashiko (刺し子) is a Japanese word which means “mending garment by stitching” developed in Japan a couple hundred years ago. It is my understanding of Sashiko, but I believe my definition of Sashiko is pretty accurate. Sashiko is a good technique to repair the fabric.
  • Tools and Supplies for Sashiko have all the requirement to complete the mending with good results.
    • Sashiko needles are strong enough to stitch through several layers of fabric, even with new denim.
    • Sashiko thread is thick and strong enough to hold the patches or make fabric stronger. The thickness will result in beautiful stitches. If you would like to hide the stitches, you may use thin thread… but I also recommend you to use a sewing machine.
    • Sashiko thimble and its appropriate way of using will speed up your stitching. Also, it will give you better even stitches, which result in beautiful appearance.


Please refe tor another article about Sashiko tools.

Mending Jeans


Type of mending can Sashiko offer



Patch over the Sashiko and/or Vintage Kofu Fabric over the damaged Area.

Patch the Sashiko and/or Vintage Kofu Fabric from the backside of torn fabric or the hole. I prefer this method.


You may cut some of the non-damaged garments and then patchwork with Sashiko swatches. I wouldn’t call it “Boro” but it certainly is the upcycling and repurposing process.


Sashiko’s original purpose was to make fabric stronger. We occasionally perform Sashiko stitching directly on the used denim. The more fabric get stronger, the longer you may wear.




More Articles about each project of mending jeans and garments

Here is a list of past projects.

I included the article about the Sashiko stitching to reinforce the fabric and to decorate the garment.


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  1. Hi!
    I discovered your page about one year ago and was AMAZED! I just LOOOOVED! what you did
    to those fabrics. So very beautiful! I subscribed to your YOUTUBE channel and saw a few episodes.
    (english speaking 😉
    I will look further if I can find a step to step instruction for mending, I prefer the mending from the
    inside. so nice!
    Sorry for my bad english, I am german but live in Sweden.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your beautiful skill and knowledge.
    Kind regards,
    Carmen Franzén

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