May 13, 2021 at 09:20PM

I am in FL for 3-days long Sashiko workshop – and it is my first time to offer the 3-days long. Once I thought 3 days may be too long to “fulfill”. However, after completing the 2nd day, I realize I have enough messages to share for 3 days. I have lost a lot in Covid-19, but the year of writing every single day gave me time & challenge to verbalize what I would like to share. Everything is the same. I would need only 6 hours to teach the essence & core of Sashiko – however, in order to “talk through everything on top of technique”, I really appreciate this opportunity (I am pretty much repeating everything I share on SNS & Youtube, but it is good to feel the real-time feedback & laugh).

A matter has a different look by changing the angle or the side in how to look. Sashiko can be an Art, but not-Art at the same time. In order to stitch fast, one has to slow down first. It sounds philosophical, but in reality, it is very practical & I am here to share. I will try to enrich the Online Class Contents more for this summer. I have a lot to share. I can say with confidence more. Please learn Sashiko from us.



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