May 12, 2022 at 01:59PM

On the Internet, we can find some photos of “stitching (or similar)” saying “Sashiko (Boro) inspired”. They made me wonder what they are “inspired” by (from). Today, I am reading a well-written, and very important article about the word “inspired” written by a Japanese person I respect, and I am learning how to articulate the dull pain in my chest.

The source of inspiration may be the specific “Pattern” such as Asanoha or Shippou. However, there are no such a thing as Sashiko pattern. They are geometric patterns we often use in Sashiko. They may be inspired by the (superficial) comfortable message of Sashiko translated (modified) by someone who think they know enough – like Sashiko as the way to recycle fabric in SDGs. It is true that we reuse materials a lot, but Sashiko is NOT the word for “Visible Mending”. When I share these stories, some accuse me saying, “You always complain with denial saying ○○ is NOT ●●. You need to explain when you deny it”. Well… I am explaining everything here through sharing my stories. Sashiko has been my life. How can I explain everything in one sentense to someone who does not try to learn the cultural perspective of the practice? Sashiko and our stories do not exist to satisfy someone’s Instant Gratification, or even worse, self‐assertiveness and profit.

I am still learning English so that I can speak up in this big trend. Or, without English, the voice from Japanese people may be buried in its history. I make myself available to share my own stories every Thursday at 9 pm EST on Youtube (Search the channel “Sashiko Story”). Do not use the word “inspired” as the excuse for the Instant Gratification. I am happy that what we can do inspires you, so please keep learning. Please keep sharing the stories where you are inspired by (from).


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