March 25, 2024 at 07:53AM

I am happy that some of you may visit the William Morris Gallery for the Mingei exhibition: “Art Without Heros”. Among many Japanese philosophies, Mingei & its aesthetics can inspire, or even resonate with your Art. I believe the exhibition offers many beautiful & rich contexts. I would appreciate a comment with what you thought/felt about the exhibition & Unshinkai Sashiko Jacket. It is our dream to join/have an exhibition with our Sashiko.

For the rules on how to enjoy the Jacket, please follow the William Morris Gallery Policy. They probably do not allow you to touch the Unshinkai Sashiko Jacket as a risk resides there. Well. When we host our own exhibition with our own responsibility, with proper supervision & explanation, we allow visitors to “wear” Sashiko Jackets. During the Workshop, I often encourage students to touch it, feel it, and wear it if possible. It is another aspect of Mingei – the beauty exists in ordinary usage. We try our best to preserve the skill & wisdom to “stitch” the Jacket when something happens. The stitch isn’t something to only “fix” – it is a process to add stories to fabric. Then, one ultimate result of adding a story is called “Boro”.

Many, including myself, learn Sashiko from the summary of the past (books or old items). At the same time, please acknowledge the “Sashiko Artisans” who live today, who can make Sashiko Jackets from scratch, and who add stories to make future exhibitable items. Unfortunately Sashiko introduced it in English is causing gaps between what one sees from the past & what one can do. I keep sharing stories to fill the “Gaps”. By learning Sashiko properly, anyone can fill “something missing” in the Sashiko Trend. It is just a matter of acknowledgement.

Photos from Japan Sashiko Tour 2023 – Big Thanks to my friends there.


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