June 09, 2021 at 03:16PM

Well… some took my “question (wondering)” as “questioning (criticizing)” them. It happens when they read what they think I would write. I pulled a trigger for something they suffer so that they start firing at me – it won’t shut me up though. 

Being a Japanese will not secure any “qualification” to be a Sashiko teacher. That is why I keep wondering if I am a good teacher regardless of my experience. I ask my students/friends to learn from others as well – what I teach is just a beginning (but an essence of Sashiko – like “how to use a knife in cooking”). I am teaching for 2 reasons (1) people want to learn the way (2) the essence was about to be lost. I wasn’t teaching before 2017 because I thought I didn’t need to speak up. My “qualification” to teach is my stories & experience, which I share some here and there. People who want to learn more & accurately come to my class, and I have received many good feedback.

I believe there are “different levels & types” of Sashiko teachers in Japan. It is our (learners) choice who we want to learn from. There are no “certifications” secured by the nation. To be honest, I believe Sashiko wasn’t something to be taught. Sashiko is “that” ordinary. Therefore, I came to the original question – what are the criterias to trust a teacher?

As I always say, there is no Right and Wrong in Sashiko. However, there is Right and Wrong in appreciating/appropriating the culture.


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