June 07, 2021 at 02:58PM

Please read what I write with your best mindful status (not quick scanning). I love analogies & I try my best. However, it may filter something important. One important essence of Japanese culture is to read between the lines. Getting a message from what is NOT written. Since it is critical for me to share what Japanese culture is like to pass down the Sashiko we practice, I spend a great amount of time & energy to write something with Japanese spirit in English.

Here is one example. I did NOT write anywhere, “a teacher who teaches Sashiko has to be fluent in Japanese”. Since some misunderstood, I made a supplemental post after that. I expect “a teacher of Japanese culture” to be fluent in Japanese language. If one calls themselves an “expert” in Japanese topics (like Sashiko), then they have to teach about the Japanese culture. Culture is hugely influenced by language… so I believe it is natural to expect that. 

Little more detais. I don’t mind when a school teacher or an art teacher for the community teaches Sashiko as a part of their guiding. Navigation is a beautiful & respectful work. They know their role as a navigator & they won’t consider them as a Sashiko expert. Some share “my existence” as an active Sashiko Artisan for references. The reason I keep sharing strong statements here is, an art teacher with good intentions “can/may” be a part of destroying a cultural practice because of the “experts without language”. In Sashiko, in English, the image, definition, description, teaching methods, rules, stories can be “insufficient”. Therefore, if you share the information, I want you to be mindful – make sure to get materials from “trusted resource” – hopefully from “someone native with good experience”, or at least someone who know Japanese culture & language very well – not someone who is good at marketing.

I have a Patreon page where I share more details. Please listen to the voice from the origin – not from just a comfortable/convenient place.


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