July 25, 2023 at 05:32PM

As much as I need to learn how to turn up the volume of my voice, I do not really think of myself as an “Authority” of Sashiko. I know many people consider me as a “Master”, “Artist”, and “Authority”, the idea of these do not sit naturally with me as the principle of Sashiko exists in the ordinary. There is no Authority in one’s ordinary when we think of the Culture as the Median of the ordinary. In the same context, I do not consider myself as “Authentic”, “Genuine”, “Ultimate”, “True”… because I don’t know what these words represent. However, I know what is NOT “authentic” – when one claims to be the Sashiko artist/artisan/teacher, they need to be stitching. [The one who likes Sashiko itself] and [The one who likes themselves who is doing Sashiko (or what Sashiko brings to them like money)]. In a big trend, unfortunately, these 2 kinds of people will be mixed in the same pot… and it is quite difficult to distinguish as they both say they like Sashiko. When it comes to “Teaching”, there is an easy way to distinguish them – their stitching itself will explain.

Therefore, I broadcast my stitching, unedited & unmodified, on Thursday on Youtube. For that, I share that I am the one who likes Sashiko itself. It is on Thursday night at 9 pm EST. Please come to see my stitching if you want to know what Sashiko actually is – Sashiko is more than technique for accurate stitches, Decorative Mending, and more I talk about here.




#Sashiko #刺し子


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