July 11, 2021 at 07:48AM

Sunday morning. It was such a week. I lost about 350 followers since I talked about “privilege”. It means my posts created a lot of discomfort. It also proves how ignored it can be.

I am an ordinary person. So yes, the number of followers makes me happy when I get more, and makes me sad when I lose them. However, being famous isn’t my goal, Publicity is just a means to make my dream happen. Therefore, “Who follows this account” is much more important than how many follows. Although it isn’t my intention to create discomfort, I write what I have to write to protect my identity. Thank you very much for all the DMs and comments, and keep following me here even in the discomfort I create. 

I am an ordinary father. So yes, I would like to provide a better life to my family by making more money. I know I can get a lot more money by “offering what they want to hear” in this trend. However, then, what to tell my daughter when she faces her identity? To be “clever” and “(fake) nice” to be a winner? Winning in what? She will need to learn where she is from one day. I would like to leave my words for her – which I cannot summarize into my living will and she isn’t ready to receive, so I hope she will read this account one day. Money is very important. Money can prevent/avoid many unfortunate things. However, for me, “how to use money” is more important than “how much I have”. Is it idealistic? Yes, I admit. Am I bluffing? Maybe, because I want money, too. But, being mindful, I don’t need much “stuff” to make myself happy. Happiness is something we realize – not to convince ourselves to be, nor even buy with money. Thank you very much for your time helping me here to realize it. 


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