July 09, 2021 at 11:42PM

I am sorry for so many posts lately. I feel as if I am in a big whirlpool of “surprise”.

I thought, well “hoped”,  the followers here for a while would get the most important message from Sashiko. I wrote it here and there, mainly as a part of  the story. Receiving so many comments tonight, I feel responsible to state it clear. I prefer they try to read between lines, but this cannot be misunderstood. It isn’t definition, history or technique. It is about the heart of Sashiko.

It is “Appreciation (to what we have)”. Animism kicks in here. We appreciate fabric, needle, thimble, thread, and everyone/everything related to it. The comment states as if I enjoy cutting the fabric.  It is inevitable to cut the fabric for many reasons & purposes, but I do NOT enjoy cutting the fabric. The artisans taught me that “Cutting fabric is equal to cutting yourself” – which is a teaching of how “careful” we should be when we cut the fabric. It is one example of appreciation. If we “have to” discuss the origin of Sashiko, “appreciation” is the origin – not how they stitched it or what they made for. It is too ordinary to generalize the origin – but I believe all Japanese “appreciated”. In this context, appreciation doesn’t mean only “gratitude”. It also includes the acceptance of their ordinary, saying “good enough” with giving up some hope. 

This “Appreciation” is also a difficult word to describe in English as I intend to. Then, with learning here, I now use the word “mindfulness/care” as the essence of “Appreciation”. More accurately, it is all 3 of those together, if it makes sense. Please do not twist this post. This is my origin as well (If you have taken my lecture, you may know why it is the origin).

By the way, I do not block an account unless it is obviously harmful to others. Disagreement is fine (when they read what I write). There are many accounts we had “disputes”, yet they keep following me (Thank you!). Yes, I am an idealist. You may think I am an idiot, and I am aware of that. I am not strong but determined. So, I should be okay. My goal is to “pass down” and what I chose to do is “share”.

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