July 08, 2021 at 11:02AM

If you are interested in Japanese Sociology, I have a word for you to look into. It is “自己責任論 (Jiko Sekinin)”. In direct translation, it will be “self-responsibility”. With considering the origin of the word (from Wall Street), the translation would be “at own risk”. Both of them are not wrong, but not “quite” yet.

“What you have now is because of what you have chosen” is the message behind it. “A Japanese who works “part-time” is because they didn’t work/study hard enough to get a better job. Therefore, they are responsible for their life, not society.” I used to believe in this idea. After 10 years, not any more. “Choice” itself is already a privilege.

I receive a lot of advice. “Find Peace”. “Try to be Happy”. “Don’t think too much”. They worry about me. The difference is they are privileged enough to have choices. No one from a non-privileged group gave me this type of advice. Because they all experience the situation of “No-Choice”. Having Choices is a wonderful thing. However, please acknowledge that not everyone can have the same choices. Even if the goal is the same “to be Happy”, we all have different startline. We cannot change the fact that we have different starts – however ignoring the privilege ends up with minimizing their effort. Sashiko is a choice for you. Sashiko isn’t a choice for me – it is my life. 



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