July 03, 2021 at 10:47AM

Great advice. Why don’t I repost. Reposting my messages I had shared will not take so much time & energy. I hope it will be a re-think moment for you if you are a long-time follower.

【Repost from 5/15/2019 – where I learned the word “Cultural Appropriation”. I was still so naive… (Slightly Edited)】

I encountered one discussion on FB about Sashiko. I try to be sincere. I try to reply to the emails & comments as much as time allows. Since I believe Sashiko is more than stitching, when the question is about the Sashiko as the culture, I answer pretty much all of the questions sincerely. (I unfortunately limit the service to answer the technical questions to my workshop students – limited capacity situation – and many answers are already answered online).

Yet, my replies caused discomfort on one FB group. The angry discussion led us to the fundamental question, why do you (they) call it Sashiko if they were not willing to learn the Japanese culture? It seems they only care what “Sashiko” looks like – not Japanese culture at all.

Is it my English that is causing the discomfort? If I made confusion because of my writing, and encouraged “the people who are angry” by not reading what I wrote, I understand. I have reasons for writing a long story. However, if it is actually me that is creating confusion – then I would like to learn how to improve.

The last angry comment was like this: “There are many Sashiko teachers that are welcoming and generous with their knowledge.” If she is calling me “not generous” wihtout reading my messages, then something is missing … and I would love to understand what I am doing wrong. I wrote something very important at the end of the article. It gave me a chance to reconsider what I want to be doing & what my challenges are. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Article: https://upcyclestitches.com/why-do-you-call-it-sashiko/ 


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