Japanese Sashiko Archive 10/11/2022

As much as I say I do not consider Sashiko as the Art (Sashiko “can be” Art), we are here continuing Sashiko thanks to those who consider our items as “Art” and invest in us a lot. Once she called our item “Wearable Art”. She told us it is her honor to “own” our Sashiko. We really appreciated this great opportunity to freely explore & involve some Sashiko Artisans in Japan. If Sashiko is in Art Form, it is “Wearable Art” as she defines: the True beauty of Sashiko shines when they wear (use) it outside. Of course, it is beautiful & important to have them in the exhibitions… but I want to keep saying that the Sashiko is based on “The beauty in Usage (用即美)”.

My goal is to pass down Sashiko to the next generation. For that, I share many Sashiko Stories on top of teaching the Core & Essence of Sashiko. My “Job (mission)” is to support some rising Sashiko Artisans in Japan. I do not think a person can make a living by just stitching Sashiko (all-hand stitching). It simply doesn’t function in this capitalistic world. However, I would like to try my best to support the Artisans who actually keep stitching – who can make this Jacket happen again today, in 2022. This may sound like one arrogant phrase, but allow me to say it. If the world considers Sashiko as the Art, please help us (Sashiko Artisans in Japan) to be the Artist. I am not sure what I can do for that, but I will keep thinking, challenging, and of course stitching as one Sashiko Artisan (Or Artist) to pass down the Sashiko not fully introduced in English yet.



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