January 25, 2023 at 03:41PM

Hitomezashi (一目刺し) can be roughly translated to “One Stitch Sashiko” – we use the same posture & concept of running stitch there, yet it focuses on the outcome of stitches size determined by Grid we determine even before stitching. The Sashiko I often practice over the camera has very little control in the size of stitches. My conscious isn’t the first one to decide the stitches – it is the “Rhythm” and “something what fabric & needle tells me to do”.

Regardless, Sashiko is beautiful because of these “each” stitches. Hitomezashi, such as the one on Fukin (White Cloth), is now popular because of its mesmerizing outcome. Although I share many stories here from a “Cultural” perspective… and although I often say Sashiko is NOT the Art… it can fascinate people by just “outcome” – the stories & the fact that we stitch all by hand are good additional spices to that. For that, anyone can/should enjoy Sashiko regardless of any differences. All I am asking is to “acknowledge” that there are stories & people behind the word in this challenging time when we can find any “answers” we want by ignoring inconvenience.

About 2~3 years ago, I came across the fascinating & beautiful Sashiko Jacket by Geri (@geri_in_stitches). Sashiko on White Fabric with Red Thread – it is outside of my “comfort”, yet I couldn’t stop watching it imagining I would like to see the jacket in person one day (as my wife is from where she lives now, I believe). Later, I had the honor of her taking my Online Class & I am so happy to see her continuous Sashiko. I have many friends (ex-students) like her all over the world – and that confirms to me that anyone can enjoy Sashiko. Well, on top of Sashiko, her account is SO MUCH fun to follow – and very inspiring for many sewing addicts. Thanks, Geri.


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