January 23, 2023 at 08:59AM

Since my youth, I often receive a request for a talk as they ask for my advice or what I think/feel. It is quite strange as I neither have any degree in counseling nor training in coaching. I know how significant the counseling degree means (as my wife’s profession), and I read there are many methods/approaches for coaching. Only thing I have done is read books and Sashiko… yet many people feel happy after the talk. Instead of knowledge and methods, what I offer is an outcome of Sashiko – which is NOT stitching – it is being a “mirror” of someone.

Besides the perspective of a Sashiko artisan/story-teller/teacher, please consider me as a mirror to reflect who you are. I try to write stories to encourage them to “think” – not to “follow”. When we stitch in a rhythm (not in Ego), Sashiko becomes like a mirror. I realize what I am doing here is to explain how “Stitching” can be the “mirror” to reflect who we are.

It isn’t easy – in fact, it is probably the most challenging thing to do in today’s society: to face oneself & accept (or even deny) it. However, acceptance is NOT significant (ordinary) for those who practice(d) Sashiko. Therefore, teaching technique without accepting what they do cannot be the whole picture of Sashiko – It is my hope to be someone’s help and I am happy to do so – and stitching Sashiko in the rhythm can be one big answer for that.



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