December 31, 2021 at 10:03AM

Last day of 2021. So many Sashiko Stories so far, and toward the future.

There are (of course) reasons why I keep “writing stories” instead of switching everything to Reel or Youtube. I understand Short Videos are strong to deliver the message. However, what I ultimately need to do is NOT message delivery: Delivering the message is just a vehicle. The Destination is to pass down the Sashiko we practice.

Reading (Stories) is Good. Can you guess Why (many answers)? For me, it is good because reading can tell us what our own “expectations (form of thinking)” are like. In reading, we usually encounter the moment of “YES!!”, “Ah-ha”, “W-T-F”, “No Way”, “Never thought of that” and so on. Reading is not only for acquiring new knowledge. Reading can visualize who we really are & who we want to be. I would like to share the opportunities for us to “be mindful about our choice” by going through those “moving moments” in sharing stories.

It requires us to “move our hands” and “chew” to see what we are eating. Unfortunately, what is popular in Sashiko now is something “spoon-fed” and “smashed” already. When it is brought by someone’s hand & pureed, it is difficult to understand to see the full picture of what we are intaking. It is okay to be spoon-fed the pureed food, but they need to trust the one who helps them. Do they even know who is spoon-feeding them? That’s where my fear comes from (issue with innocent ignorance and intentional indifference).

I won’t change my style no matter what happens. My life became much easier when I realized my fate, although what I have now is much less than before. I want you to enjoy Sashiko – the Sashiko you will find, not modified or filtered by someone based on their convenience. I hope you have a great New Year Day!



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