August 23, 2023 at 08:28PM

Before this account became this big, I used to receive quite a lot of “aggressive” comments here. I have one unforgettably confused comment saying “Your Stitching is intimidating”. It is NOT my words or replies that is intimidating. They said that the amount of our stitching is intimidating and aggressive. I received similar comments from several about 4~5 years ago. When one acknowledges the story of Sashiko, I encourage them to enjoy Sashiko as they wish. This comment, though, explained to me that there is a gap between the “Sashiko Trend” and the Sashiko we have been practicing.

“Experience” and “Time” is important to be able to stitch like we do – but it won’t take decades, or even years. They have to learn the “Form” of how to use the tool as if one would improve their cooking skill when they learn how to use the cooking tools. Unfortunately, this “Form” wasn’t well introduced for a long time – and it is now “you” who can choose the future of Sashiko – Do we want to have Sashiko Stitchers who can make this type/amount of Stitching? Or just put Sashiko as a quick hobby to make a small cloth (There is Nothing wrong with a quick hobby & making a small cloth. I am saying it is wrong to define based on only one aspect of the culture).

Culture “Changes”. However, there are so many who cannot stop themselves defending from something they imagine before learning. All I want is to preserve the Sashiko we practice. Unfortunately, Sashiko Teachers/Authors today in English probably won’t/don’t/can’t stitch this much… As a result, this ordinary stitching (for us) becomes intimidating to some of them. I sometimes feel my voice is way more “primitive (and simple)” than my understanding of Cultural Appropriation. It is disrespectful to define someone’s culture, pain, and “lives” without proper approach.

偶然か、あるいは流れに乗って下さっているのか、私が運針動画をあげると、他の方の運針動画も目に入ります。10年前は想像すらできなかった「運針が(家業の外に)広まること」を目の当たりにすることができて嬉しい限りです。相変わらず素敵な@na.na_45 さんの運針を是非ご覧ください。


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