August 01, 2021 at 01:29PM

The first Online Lecture (Webinar) I offered in a closed group setting was a great success. I am now preparing for the lecture on Sashiko for both in-person & Online. It is NOT a workshop or class to teach the technique. It is more like a “Story-Sharing” in a presentation style. Although I have so many stories to share, the messages can be summarized into several topics. In order to offer an enjoyable (Online & In-person) Lecture, I would like to understand which story resonates with them, or inspires them the most. 

Could you please comment here if you have a specific story, concept, mindset, or any writing I have done here that was powerful enough for you to keep it in your memory? I share so many stories that I cannot locate when & where I shared. However, I can write the same story again over and over. 

As I did not know what to teach in 2017 because everything was so ordinary to me, it is challenging for me to understand which story is “better” for non-Japanese audience. Your feedback will help me to develop a lecture, or even Youtube videos. Thank you for your time in advance!



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