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No More New Cloth ~ Is it even possible?

One afternoon, I refurbished my 5 years old Sashiko Wallet by patching and Sashiko Stitching. I enjoyed the process, and the result was even more enjoyable. I felt that I followed the path of Boro: when Japanese kept mending their fabric with needle and thread. Then, I realize… why don’t I mend and repair everything I put on? Here is a statement of my silly challenges; I purchase No More New Cloth.

The article about Wallet Sashiko Boro Repair Project


Simply, I will purchase no more new cloth

The outline of the challenge is quite simple. I don’t purchase the new cloth such as Jackets and Jeans. I will keep wearing what I have now, and I will keep mending and repairing the garment when it get torn or hole. I have been enjoying the denim mending with Sashiko. On top of my interest, this challenge may investigate the possibility of recycling the cloth and fashion. The core concept is: Repair it instead of Replace it.

I will purchase the fabric to mend and repair. Every time I repaired my garment instead of replaced it, I will update the website to make the challenge progress report. This should be a fun challenge since I always tried to purchase the good quality cloth instead of cheap fast fashion cloth (of course, some of them are from fast fashion brand…) I hope this challenge can influence the society even a bit.



No More New Cloth

A few exception

Please understand these categories are the exception of this challenge. Only because I don’t want to make the others uncomfortable more than necessary. Original Boro is pretty dirty and stinky, but my challenge should focus on clean recycling and repurposing.

  • New underwear, pairs of socks and towels
  • Formal cloth such as the business suit and tuxedo
  • Gifts and Presents from others


The biggest obstacle for this silly challenge

Well… on big obstacle for this challenge is my body shape. Since I became the father, I gained more than 20 pounds… Some pairs of jeans is too tight to wear. So I will watch my weight and keep repairing what I love.


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