HandsOn Sashiko Workshops

HandsOn Sashiko Workshops | Meet Atsushi and Learn

Upcycle Stitches offer a variety of online tutorials and information regarding Sashiko as well as the other Japanese hand-crafting. One of the significant activities of Upcycle Stitches is the HandsOn Sashiko Workshops, where you would meet me and learn Sashiko directly. I will put my hands on your hands to teach how we use Sashiko needle and thimble.

Since we do not have a studio yet, the location of workshop varies. As of 2017, we offer Sashiko workshops in NYC / Brooklyn area a few times per year.


Quick Schedule for HandsOn Sashiko Workshops


The schedule above is linked to my partner’s website in NYC. Please register yourself first to participate the HandsOn Sashiko Workshops. The Partner is Curious Corners LLC.



Asano-ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop

Hands-on Sashiko Workshop Asanoha


Asano-ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop is the basic but fundamental class Upcycle Stitches LLC offers. Besides the Sashiko mending workshop, every workshop we offer requires participants to take this fundamental workshop. Sashiko stitching is different from a regular hand-sewing. Please find out how it is different. I will sit next to you, I will teach you until you get comfortable (or give up) the way we do Sashiko stitching. Therefore, the maximum seats are 6 in most of the workshops with 3 hours duration.

In this class, you will learn to stitch “asano-ha” (hemp leaf) patterns with running stitch and go home with a fabric large enough to make a tote bag, placemat, patchworking, or your own project after the workshop. This will open up your eyes to Sashiko world we traditionally follow. 

*Please contact Atsushi if you believe you know the basic techniques to use Sashiko thimble and needle. I will confirm it over the Internet and may void the prerequisites.

The workshop comes with:

  • Sashiko needles
  • Sashiko thimble
  • – Skein of white sashiko thread (approx. 145 meters)
  • – Sashiko Thread Bobbin Paper
  • – Indigo fabric with asano-ha patterns printed on
  • – Interfacing and Cotton Poplin fabric for tailoring the project at home
  • – PDF data of extra Japanese Traditional Sashiko Patterns
  • – Access to Atsushi by e-mail with questions regarding the workshop and follow-up

*You do not require previous stitching or embroidery experience to take this class. All tools are provided. You are welcome to bring you own sewing tools, but not necessary.


Sashiko Mending Workshop

HandsOn Sashiko Workshops Mending


Mending is very fun. I realized how fun Sashiko is by keep enjoying mending to my jeans. So here is a HandsOn Sashiko Workshops for making your garment to one-of-a-kind piece.

I believe that the Sashiko is not only the result as the fabric with stitches but also a process of mending, repairing, and reinforcing the fabric. In order to enjoy mending process more, we developed the Sashiko Mending Workshop. I do not spend a lot of time on teaching you how to use the Sashiko needle and thimble. Of course, I will show you how, but will not sit next to you and hold your hands to teach you the way. Instead, I will share how to enjoy Sashiko mending by working together for 3 hours with hands on. Our goal in this workshop is to share all the basic information you need to enjoy Sashiko mending by yourself after you go back to home.


Bring your favorite old clothing in soft denim, cotton or linen. You will learn basic techniques to mend holes, tears and reinforce parts with sashiko embroidery.

This workshop comes with:

  • – Indigo fabric patch
  • – 3 kinds of denim fabric patches
  • – Extra patches of vintage fabrics and sashiko fabrics from Japan
  • – Tools to learn how to transfer pattern to the fabric
  • – Sashiko needles
  • – Sashiko thimble
  • – Skein of sashiko thread
  • – PDF data of extra Japanese traditional sashiko patterns
  • – Access to Atsushi by e-mail with questions regarding the workshop and follow-up


  • We highly recommenbringingng soft cotton fabric or worn-out denim. It is difficult to work with thick, hard cotton and linen, or brand-new raw denim. Please do not bring wool or silk fabric. 
  • We recommend this class for those who have basic stitching or hand sewing experience. In case you are the absolute beginner, please watch a YouTube video of basic sewing before the class.
  • All tools are provided in the class. Feel free to bring your own sewing tools but not necessary. 


Hitomezashi Sashiko Workshop

*prerequisites: Asano-ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop

We develop the Hitomezashi Sashiko workshops for those who enjoyed the Asano-ha Sashiko Stitching Workshop. More information is coming soon.

HandsOn Sashiko Workshops Hitomezashi

*The image is the Final version of Hitomezashi Sashiko with Japanese vintage fabric. They can be the equivalent of graduating art-piece after taking Hitomezashi Workshops.  

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