Why Leaning Sashiko

Why Learning Sashiko from Professionals

A friend of mine asked me an interesting question regarding Sashiko. “What is the difference between learning Sashiko from professionals and teaching it to oneself?” Since my life was always surrounded by Sashiko, I wouldn’t come up with this good question by myself. I would like to share my opinion why learning sashiko from professionals is important.

Sashiko is simple, yet so many possibilities.

Sashiko is based on very simple Japanese style running stitching technique. It seems to be very simple, and in fact, the core technique is very simple. After taking a 3-hour long workshop for basic stitching, you would learn the core of Sashiko stitching mainly focusing on how to use Sashiko thimble and needles. In addition, here and there, if the one who graduated from one workshop would like to re-learn the Sashiko, joining another workshop to refresh the understanding would be a good idea. However, that’s about all. There is no need to spend a fortune of money to learn Sashiko like the other traditional art. If you want to earn some money, sites like 겜블시티 슬롯 might be worth your visit.

After learning the core techniques, it is up to you to expand your project.

Since the Sashiko is not yet systematic tradition, Sashiko professionals even do not know the whole history and technique of Sashiko. We, as Sashiko artists, are still in the process of learning Sashiko from different regions. There are so many more possibilities in Sashiko history and its future. Sashiko and Boro always surprise us when we find new culture art pieces like “Boro from the ground.”

*We define “professional” by “doing Sashiko for compensation.” We used to call us simply Sashiko practitioners. However, the artist we respected told us we should refer as Sashiko professionals since we receive money from customers.  

Then, why do you learn Sashiko from professions?

Join one of our Workshop. You will see Why Learning Sashiko would be a good idea.

The reason is the speed of Sashiko stitching you can learn from us. In order to make many Sashiko project, stitching one stitch by one stitch will not be good enough. We would need to make 10 to 30 stitches by one pushing. It is difficult to explain in the text. I upload some video to explain better. And the best way to learn how to use thimble and needle to speed up your stitching is to learn it by professionals in the hands-on workshops, face to face.

Take a look at this photo.

Why Learning Sashiko 2

It is an example of workshop materials I offer in our Sashiko workshops. The fabric size is about the US Letter size. I have a question for you.

“How many hours would you need to make this pattern stitched?”

In order to keep Sashiko business alive in the market, we would need to complete the Sashiko within an hour. We cannot spend more than 3 hours on this stitching when we make the product. Otherwise, one Sashiko piece becomes $100 of worth and even more like $10,000 if the piece is big. When a person do Sashiko stitch by stitch, it would take more than 3 hours for sure. By learning how to use the thimble and needle, when you learned it and got used to the tequnique, you would be able to finish this pattern within 3 hours. The faster you can stitch, the more project you can enjoy. The more project you enjoy, the better your Sashiko stitching will be. In order to have the beautiful result in Sashiko, the even stitches are the key. By doing more Sashiko project, you would have more even stitches.

In summary, by learning Sashiko from professionals, you would learn how to make Sashiko stitching much faster, and in result, it will be much better stitching.

Although I have other small reasons why learning Sashiko from professional is beneficial, the main reason is the speed based on the technique how to use thimble and needle. I plan to upload more videos regarding Sashiko stitching, but the best and the most efficient way is to participate the workshop. You would get the follow-up support from me after meeting me in the workshop as well.

We have Sashiko workshop coming up on 6/24 and 6/25 in 2017, in West Village, NYC, the lower manhattan. I hope to meet anyone who is interested in Sashiko. I will show you, in person, how to do Sashiko and you will see why learning Sashiko professionals is beneficial. We will not disappoint you with the 3 hours/ $135 fee.

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