Spring Sashiko Sale 2018

Spring Sashiko Sale 2018 | Only a few days!

Here is a great deal as Spring Sashiko Sale 2018.

As you may have noticed, we do not offer much sales discount in a year. I am offering this Spring Sashiko Sale 2018 because I will not be able to make a package for the weekend of 4/20 ~ 4/22. All the orders I receive after the noon of 4/19 will be shipped on either 4/23 or 4/24. Instead of saying just “Thank you for your understanding!”, I decided to offer the discount.


Deal of Spring Sashiko Sale 2018

It is already started. The qualified items are already discounted. The deal will end on Monday 4/23. There is no requirement to participate in this sales as long as a customer understand these conditions.

  • The order, which is placed after the noon of 4/19, will be shipped on 4/23 or 4/24.
  • I have a plenty of inventory. However, in case of running short in inventory, I may ask you to wait for extra time or cancel the order.

This is my first time to offer the deal on this website.

I believe that the result will not be significant to the other “Big Sales” we get used to. However, just in case, I would like to mention that I will process the order in “first come first serve” based.


Several Events while I am in NYC

The reason I will not be able to process the order over the weekend of 4/20 ~ 4/22 is that I am traveling to NYC & Brooklyn. The regular Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic) is already full, but there are more events I will be joining.


Friday, April 20th | Tinted by Nature & Sashiko Items.

Some of our Sashiko items will be exhibited for purchase in the gallery, GGrippo art+design in Brooklyn.

The opening reception is opened to the public, and I will be there at 6 pm as well. It is a great opportunity to meet many artists who are passionate about Natural Dye. I hope to see you there. Let me know if you come to the reception by reading this article!

Address: 174 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY.



Tinted by Nature


Saturday, April 21st

GGrippo art+design hosts my Sashiko Workshop (with Zen & Mindfulness topics) in their exclusive studio.

It starts at 4 pm. It will be pretty similar to the regular Sashiko stitching workshop. Check out the information!

Spring Sashiko Sale 2018 Workshop

Sunday, April 22nd

This is an offer for those who graduated our Sashiko Stitching Workshop.

We have a Sashiko Gathering, where the participants can get together and share their Sashiko work, and stitch together. A lot of items will be included to motivate & encourage them to keep enjoying Sashiko. Please consider to join us on Sunday morning, starting at 9:45 in Tribeca.

Sashiko Gathering!



More to come. Now, enjoy the Spring Sashiko Sale 2018.

I have more updates coming up such as Online Sashiko Workshop and so on. Since I am doing this by myself, it takes a bit of time to catch up everything going on around me. While I sort things nicely and neat, please enjoy a discount on Sashiko Thread & some of our Sashiko supplies.


Thank you for your loyalty & Enjoy Sashiko!


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