Shipping Annoucement over Holidays 2020

Shipping Annoucement over Holidays 2020 ~2021

Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday season is a bit better in peace, joy, and happiness. I sincerely appreciate supporting us by finding, choosing, purchasing, and learning from us. Although we are in Holidays, I wanted to make a Shipping Announcement over Holidays 2020 to 2021.

Today, I received a gendle & kind message informing me whereabout the package (package stuck in the tracking system). I double-checked all of the “In-Transit” packages, and got shocked the situation. There is a BIG delay in packages. Then, I spent some time to understand if it is just local or throughout the U.S.

It seems like it is happening everywhere, especially in the big cities, and getting worse and worse toward the Christmas.

I will list a few of many articles about the USPS struggles in this Holiday.

In summary, they analize that the packages have been left untouched somewhere due to 2 reasons: less people working in USPS due to Covid-19 and more packages due to holiday & Covid-19 restriction.

As much as I do not want to blame anyone in carriers (I am very sorry for them, to be honest), I also understand your frustration. You may have chosen the priority mail shipping with expecting 2~3 days shipping. They usually do a good job to follow the timeline. This is the first time that several packages are moving every few days, but not being specific whereabout, simultaneously.

Since I am not “Amazon” or “Big retailer”, I am afraid I cannot make a refund or another package right after receiving the notification. However, I will do everything to get the order delivered. I have been doing so, and I will keep doing so. Please read our “Shipping Information and Policy“. The policy says some “go by the book” things, but I promise I will not ignore the claims & messages.

What I can/will do

In usual setting, I would file a Missing Mail Search to USPS after 10~14 days from the shipping date. By reading many articles & cases ongoing in this Holiday Seasons, I would like to wait 7 days or so from the “last date USPS update” the tracking information (including “In Transit, Arriving Late”). It probably means that the package is “waiting to be scanned in a truck because facility is full” between cities – not missing. After the 7 days of no update, I will contact to the Shipping Service Platform and/or USPS for the Missing Mail Search.

If you chose the Priority Mail Option, in usual setting, the missing package for more than 20 days are eligible for the insurance coverage. I will contact the Shipping Service Platform after 21 days of missing, but the insurance may deny the claim due to this chaotic shipping situation. Regardless, technically speaking, the Priority Mail is covered for the missing package.

After USPS recovered the operation to normal, yet the package is missing, I will file a “missing package claim” to USPS officially. Once they acknowledge the case, I will either refund or send another package.

In many cases in this season, it is taking so so long, but the package is not missing yet. Your understanding to the situation & patience would be very much appreciated.

What you can do

If your package is already shipped out… and delayed.

The first thing I would beg for you to do is to wait, especially if the tracking information has been updated every few days or so. Of course, you can file “Missing Mail Search” as the recepitant to and/or call to the local post office to ask whereabout with following their policy (the link is below). All of the information you would need would be listed on the receipt you have received when you place the order & the order has been shipped.

Most of the packages are in a white envelop, size of 13″ x 11″ x 2″. If you choose a Priority Mail, then it is flat rate envelop in most cases.

If you are about to place the order

We accept orders throughout this holiday season as I had planned before. I will ship out the package as soon as possible, as always. In order to expedite even a little bit & adding an insurance, please consider choosing the Priority Mail option. The Shipping Service Provider will support the claim with Priority Mail much faster than the First-Class mail.

I am so sorry for this inconvenience

In usual setting, I try my best to fulfill the order within 24 hours, at most within 48 hours – so, the package would be delivered within 3 ~6 days from the time the order is placed. I did not expect how bad the packaging situation could be, although USPS announced its possible delay before (It is much worse than expected).

I really appreciate all of the understanding & caring customers. I very rarely get the “angry” email shouting “where is my package!?”. 99% of the messages I get would start with them saying, “I know it is out of your control but…”. So, yes, I will do everything to get the package delivered to you with talking to USPS & Service Platform.

Unfortunately, if I were to refund or make another package for missing package due to the USPS delay, the business will not be sustainable. I am very sorry for this inconvenience, but please be patient… The system is definitely stretched thin. Your understanding to the situation is very much appreciated. I will NOT ignore your case & claim. The Shipping Delay is happening everywhere in the U.S. and it can be “stuck due to covid-19” rather than “missing”.

With understanding the situation, starting from the December 25th until the USPS recover its operation, I will add a small amount of mark-up fee on the shipping fee for extra insurance.

Please contact me if you have any questions & concerns. I will do my best to work for/with you, and get the package to be delivered.

Thank you.

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