Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya

It was such a wonderful 10 days enjoying Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya. She had traveled from Japan between November 14th to 25th to supervise Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshop as well as to help more Sashiko production in the USA. With stitching Sashiko together with her, I remember the origin of our Sashiko, which is “caring” and stitching for someone.


Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya

Surprisingly, it was my first time to enjoy Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya. After all of these years with Sashiko, interestingly, we sit down together and enjoyed Sashiko stitching for the first time in 30 years.


Before my father passed away, Keiko and I worked for him in a company that provide Sashiko items and supplies. My father was the president of the company, and I was the head of sales, and my mother took care of many kinds of administrative works. In between those tasks, of course, we Sashiko stitched. Since I found out how talented Keiko is after seeing her artworks, I had asked her to focus on Sashiko works more than other daily tasks. I tried to help her by me doing these tasks, and she created very beautiful Sashiko pieces even before 2013.


Regardless, we didn’t have chance to sit down together and share the moment with Sashiko stitching when we were working for the company.


After my father had passed away, we rarely see each other. I haven’t been back to Japan for 5 years, and it was her 2nd visit after the one in 2016.


So, it was a privilege to share the Thanksgiving holiday with her stitching and talking over thread and fabric. I believe, it is the origin of Sashiko. Talking and stitching together with enjoyment (or sometimes, it could be some negative feelings).



Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya



Enjoy Sashiko, as simple as that


What makes Keiko so talented?

You will find the answer if you have a chance to look at & touch her Sashiko achievement, but this is my quick summary.


[Her enjoyment of Sashiko makes her Sashiko so different from the others]


I believe I am good at Sashiko stitching. However, there is a huge gap between my works and Keiiko’s work. Please do not misunderstand that it isn’t about good or bad. It is about the preferences, and some people may say that they like my Sashiko items better. However, “I” feel that there is a big, and almost impossible to fill, gap between her work and mine, which is the “Enjoying Sashiko”.


I enjoy Sashiko, of course.

At the same time, I also enjoy sharing Sashiko to the others. In other words, I feel so happy when I see my students’ great achievement, and purely happy for them.


Keiko also enjoyed the other’s achievements and got so much inspired. You know what my mother said when she saw some of my student’s great achievement?

She said:


“I am so jealous of them. I would like to see what I can do after seeing their works”

Then, right after we come back from NYC, she started the Boro project like below.


I don’t know anyone else who is enjoying Sashiko more than Keiko. Enjoy Sashiko. As simple as this.

I am perfectly happy with me introducing her enjoyment, the Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya.


Enjoy Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya

Not only the Sashiko technique


Sashiko is merely a form of stitching the Japanese used to practice in their ordinary days. Ultimately speaking, the name of Sashiko is for the stitching only.

However, what I would like to share throughout Sashiko is not only the techniques but the mindset, culture, and the enjoyment I described above.


After offering many workshop in NYC starting 2 years go, I now have confidence that “I can give you the eye opening experience in the Sashiko workshop.” 


I have this website for the articles, Youtube Channel for the video Tutorials and LiveStreaming, and Instagram & facebook for sharing photos. My goal is to share the Sashiko as a whole, not only the stitching but also the Japanese culture which could be a hint to ease some of the struggle we have in the current society.


I also offer the Sashiko workshops to share everything I have → Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core & Basic)

It is the best way to connect me and understand the core technique and wisdom of Sashiko.




Well…. It was a great, eventful, and super exciting Thanksgiving week, enjoying Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya.

I will keep working hard so that I can invite her again to do another great visit, and next time, sharing Sashiko with Keiko Futatsuya & You.


Enjoy with Keiko Futatsuya Jacket


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