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Tulip Sashiko Needle Big Eye Straight

We are honored and happy to introduce the new Sashiko Needle Big Eye Straight Thin from Tulip Needle Company in Hiroshima, Japan.

Needle Manufacturing in Hiroshima has more than three hundreds years of its history. Tulip Company was established in 1948 and thay have been producing fine needles for all crafting purposes. No need to mention, almost 70 years of its beautiful history proven the quality of their products is supreme. With collaborating to Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya, Tulip Company produced the great Sashiko needle for the sashiko stitching purpose.


One day, Keiko received a favor to use their previous Sashiko needle if she could provide the suggestion for the improvement as the active Sashiko artist. She used the needle in the several unofficial projects, and then she provided the report with advice. Based on the report, Tulip Company created the beautiful tool for Sashiko: Sashiko needle Big Eye Straight (Thin and Thick Size)


A Thin size is available.

A Thick Size is available.



Good tool make your project rewarding

Sashiko requires you to spend a lot of time. The hand-stitching is the beauty of Sashiko, and as long as it is hand-stitched, it takes a lot of time to complete. We want you to have the beautiful stitching result so your project will be rewarding. One of the most important preparation to have the best result is to get the supreme quality tools. Although we have already introduced our Sashiko needles we use, the Sashiko needle from Tulip Company would be the very nice needle to have a side. The different project (fabric/design ) would require a different kind of needle.


I will make a report of how these two needles are different based on my experiences from now.

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Sashiko Needle Big Eye Straight Size
Sashiko Needle We use on a regular basis.


Beautiful Sashiko Needle Big Eye Straight

Not only their needles are so beautifully made, but the package of Sashiko Needle Big Eye straight also attract people’s sense of beauty. I wish we could soon produce the beautiful package like this. I believe the package of Tulip needle can be a good gift idea for your friends you would like to share the passion of Sashiko.

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