Sashiko Jackets Collection Keiko Futatsuya

Sashiko Jackets by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is not only a name for Keiko’s business but it also represents a group of hand-craft artists who are good friends of Keiko. “.Co” indicates “Community” when we named it together. A group of Sashiko artists, Sashiko directors, Japanese Tailors, and other artisans continue creating beautiful Sashiko Jackets and other Sashiko arts, slowly but surely.


Keiko is the leader, and they share the same artisan mind-set

I love the Sashi.Co group.

They are truly artisans. And these types of artisans share the same mindset, “Completeness/integrity to their job.” If they do not satisfy their job, they do not want to release it to the public. They do not receive the money until they truly feel that they performed their job and met expectation.

Keiko is the leader of the group, and Keiko is the significant one with this mindset.


Sashiko Jacekts


Look at this Jacket. It is a beautiful piece, and for me, it is ready to go on the Sales page. However, Keiko thinks that she has to fix things before I can introduce it on Sashi.Co Website. Therefore she doesn’t give me the sizing and pricing. She takes photos to get reactions from me, friends and other customers. However, she isn’t ready for selling this yet.


We have a lot of Jackets like that.

When she makes a Jacket, she imagines who would wear. So the sizing is not suitable for Keiko all the time. This is a bit bigger Jacket for the larger person than Keiko’s sizing.  Although the jacket looks fantastic, it will be introduced after she completed her job.d


Sashiko Jackets 3



One of a kind Sashiko Jackets available for you

It takes a long time to complete one Jackets. We introduced a lot of Sashiko Jackets in 2015 because she worked a lot between the end of 2013 to throughout 2014. After we started Sashiko project, she needs to do other works to make sales, the process of making new Sashiko jackets get a bit slower.


However, many of her Sashiko Jackets are available for you to purchase. 

Many Jackets moves off-line when she have an exhibition or a pop-up store. If you found your favorite Jacket online, please contact us. I will be happy to translate all the e-mails to Keiko, so Keiko can adjust the jacket as you wish without changing the concept and design.



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