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Sashiko Jacket 2nd | Description of Sashiko Jackets

Sashiko artworks produced by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya are mostly “one-of-a-kind” products. We use the vintage fabric from 1900’s (sometimes 1800’s). These vintage fabrics its own unique colors and patterns only time can create. However, we have themes for each jacket. Here, we introduce Keiko’s masterpiece collection, the Kasuri patch and hidden incredible beauty as a gift of time, as the Sashiko Jacket 2nd description.



The Sashiko Jacket 2nd Description

The number #030 will be assigned to this jacket. Sashiko Jacket #030. You can check the other jackets available online on Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya online store.


The Sashiko Jacket #030 is the reversible jacket. It is also one of Keiko’s representative works. Patching the vintage Japanese fabric with Sashiko Hitomezashi on. Layering with the interesting vintage fabric (this time, more than 50 years old vintage silk with marble pattern printed). The owner of the jacket will enjoy the beauty from both front and back side of the jacket. This is our third significant work. The owner of the second similar jacket (not the same because it is the one-of-the kind characteristic) got a lot of attention and comments when she enjoys wearing it in NYC/Brooklyn.


Price: 3,650.00 USD

Production Time: About 10 months.


Shoulder Bust HEM Yuki Length Sleeve Wristband
肩幅 身幅 裾幅 裄丈 着丈 袖丈 袖口回り
42 53 56 77 84 56 31

*Please refer to the sizing chart article for the sizing above.


This jacket doesn’t have button holes and buttons. Keiko couldn’t find the appropriate buttons.


If you are interested in purchasing the Sashiko Jacket #030, please contact me for the check-out process until I make the product page.


The Front of Jacket.

Sashiko Jacket 2nd 8 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 7 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 6 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 4 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 3 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 2 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 1


The back side of Jacket

Sashiko Jacket 2nd 14 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 13 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 12 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 11 Sashiko Jacket 2nd 10

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