Sashiko Exhibition Report

Sashiko Exhibition Report | May 8th to 12th in 2018

We have been enjoying to have many visitors to our very first Sashiko Exhibition in Tokyo 2018. Keiko, the Sashiko artist, stayed in the gallery on May 8th. She is very happy to meet many people with a passion for Sashiko. The Sashiko Exhibition continues until the Saturday, May 12th, 2018. With many photos which I received from my friends who visited, here is the Sashiko Exhibition Report.


So many “One of a Kind” Sashiko


One of a factor that makes us an artist is the speed of Sashiko stitching we can make. Every Sashiko is hand-stitched, of course. Every item is One of a kind, and we will not be able to create the exactly the same one. (We will try our best to create the similar one if a customer requested custom order items based on the sold item.)



Sashiko Exhibition Report 3 Bags
Patchworked Sashiko and Vintage Fabric into one unique and beautiful bags. It is breathtaking to look at so much Sashiko stitching at once.


Traditional, Contemporary Sashiko and even Boro.


We also displayed some of Keiko’s latest Jackets, from traditional Sashiko, Contemporary Design with Sashiko, and even Boro pieces. We believe some of them are museum quality, but they are all purchasable by a customer. It is because we believe that a Sashiko item will look more beautiful when it is used in the ordinary life. It is very honored to be displayed in a museum, but at the same time, we would like to see our Sashiko items in our human’s life.

Visitors to the Sashiko Exhibition can, of course, touch, feel, and try them on to feel the stitching and its warmth.




Sashiko Exhibition Report Traditional Sashiko
Keiko combines many japanese traditional geometric patterns into one unique pattern. This is very traditional Sashiko jacket with keiko’s design.


Sashiko Exhibition Report Core of Sashiko
When we get a good quality and size of Japanese vintage fabric, we always appreciate the people who kept these fabrics. The fabric wasn’t strong enough and had holes to make it one Jacket, but we performed Sashiko and patches to be another Jacket. This is core of Sashiko Stitching
Sashiko Exhibition Report Boro
Boro is the ultimate result of Sashiko stitching. Keiko collected all torn and worn fabrics from the past, and made it one beautiful Jacket. Boro tend to be dirty and smelly, but we try to “recreating the Boro” with following the process that the Japanese a hundred year ago did.


Sashiko Exhibition Report Sashiko Jacket
Every Sashiko Jacket, one stitch by one stitch. We are proud of each Sashiko items. They are simply awesome 🙂



Otsuchi Sashiko Stunning Works


The Sashiko Exhibition was co-hosted with Otsuchi Sashiko Project.

It is a recovery project from Northeastern Earthquake in 2011 to support the Tsunami victims throughout Sashiko. Keiko and Atushi has been supporting the project since June 2011. I am planning to write an article about the Otsuchi Sashiko Project with more detail, so please wait for an update.


Over the last 6~7 years, the Sashiko skill in Otsuchi Sashiko Project imroved significantly. We are so happy to share their beautiful Sashiko works with our Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya Sashiko works.




Sashiko Exhibition Report Otsuchi Jacket
The Sashiko Jacket that Otsuchi Sashiko made with Keiko’s advise. This became a representable Sashiko art of Otsuchi Sashiko



Sashiko Exhibition Report Otsuchi Sashiko Bag
Each person (Artisans) in Otsuchi is in charge of completing one drawstring bag. It means, every bags has different stitching size, space, and therefore they are all unique. Knowing who makes the bag is something we would like to pass down




Share this Sashiko Exhibition Report

I am honored to receive many comments that they wish they could visit the show. An international travel isn’t easy to make. However, our goal is to share our Sashiko with as many people as possible. We may be able to visit your country, city, town if someone there could invite us to have Sashiko Exhibition there (also, Sashiko workshop is an option, too)


Please share this Sashiko Exhibition Report, and let’s hope that someday we can visit your place. We sincerely would like to share these beautiful works in person. We want you to touch, feel, and enjoy what we create & what we are proud of.


Sashiko Exhibition Report Keiko Greeting
Thank you for your time to read this Sashiko Exhibition Report. Keiko and Atsushi are looking forward to meeting you one day.


*We keep all the copyrights for the photos and text on this website. Please contact me if you would like to use a photo of Sashiko items on your website, SNS, and printing materials. We are happy to provide with better quality. 

*I plan to update the Sashiko Exhibition Report as needed. This is version as of May 10th 2018.




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