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Sashiko Contribution | when you need Atsushi to write

Since 2019, I experienced the steep increase of inquiries asking me to write my insight, opinion, or understanding of Sashiko in the form of the contribution to an article to magazines, brochures, and books. As much as I would like to be their help, I have very limited capacity in 2019. So here is the policy for Sashiko Contribution that I can offer.

Sashiko Contribution for Academic Purpose

If you would like to have my writing for your research in the academic organization such as a university, please contact me with your academic background, the name of the institution, and possibly the thesis statement for your research.

I am happy to contribute to the development of Sashiko in the academic setting. The Sashiko contribution will be free of charge, and I will do my best to share what I have.

Although it is free of charge to write, it would be very much appreciated if you could take the workshop Atsushi offers (In-person and/or Online) to fully understand what we are trying to pass down.

Sashiko Contribution for Commercial Purpose

If you would like to have my writing for the commercial purpose, such as publishing a book, a brochure for your organization (including the one with Non-Profit Organization), and your business, I will ask for the fee based on your requests and the purpose for the writing. When you contact me, please offer the fee you are thinking of. I will consider your inquiry attentively and get back to you. If you are not willing to pay for my writing yet would like to have them on your media, please try to follow the basic procedure below.

Please do not handle this lightly. A page of me writing about Sashiko may sound an easy job. However, if I am the one who writes, there will be a responsibility to what I write.

I am not a professional writer. English is my second language. However (therefore), I have to be very careful in writing what I would like to communicate. I cannot just write up without careful.

Expecting a Free Sashiko Contribution?

I no longer accept the Probono work. I learned that people will handle the “free stuff” very lightly and less mindfully.

However, I also understand that it is unusual to pay compensation for just simply writing. So, here is my boundary. Please follow the list below, and I will be happy to be part of your work.

  1. Take the Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Core and Basic), either In-person or Online Sashiko Class.

That’s it. I want the writer (author) to fully acknowledge what I am sharing with the Sashiko we practice. The best way is to take the well-structured workshop I offer.

Other favors to ask to have a better mutual understanding and respect would be:

  1. Support us via Patreon and read my stories
  2. provide me a few copies of publications when it is in the market

For the Probono (No fee) work, please understand that the writing itself is my property, and you will just use them as the reference on your book.

You do not have a budget to take our Sashiko Class, and no budget for the contribution? Then, only way to make it happen is below. Please keep reading.

Other than Sashiko Contribution

  1. Use “writings” that are already in public such as Instagram Post.

For non-native English amateur writer like me, “Writing (leaving the solid documents)” on something deeply related to Japanese culture is very challenging and scary. There is a huge risk of misunderstanding when I do not write the paragraph attentively and carefully.

The fee is for my time to be careful and thorough to what I write. If it is a matter of you writing based on what I write (Interpretation of what I have already written), then I wouldn’t ask for the fee. Again, I am not a professional writer.

In those cases, please kindly inform me that you are referring my writing (when, where and about what). Please apply the appropriate citation standard as well. I will give you permission to use as the reference, but I will not give up the copyright.

Interview as the Alternative

2. 30~60 minutes interview.

Phone or Video-chat interview would be a good alternative to save the fee. Although at this point, I am not sure if I should do the interview for free of charge, I would like to see how it goes. Since it will be my merely talking about Sashiko, and you summarizing what I say as your interpretation, then I wouldn’t probably need that much return in this process.

If you are interested in interviewing me, please provide the list of information below.

  • The media that you would use the interview on.
  • The list of question in advance to the actual interview
  • The Reason Why you would like to have my comments on your media.

I do not mind repeating the basic information such as “Who I am” or “What is Sashiko” to your audience. However, I expect an interviewer to understand who I am & What Sashiko is before the interview. If the list of questions are just about basic information which I already covered, I will most likely decline your request.

For the information you need to learn before the interview, please check the Youtube Playlist below:

Using the current media as References

We have many media where I share the insight, understanding, and wisdom of the Sashiko we practice. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and this website.

A lot of your questions and interests are already discussed on either media. It would be very respectful of you to look for the topic first on those media first.

Instagram to Patreon

I had been sharing many stories about the Sashiko we practice on Instagram with many photos. With some unfortunate events, I decided to stop writing so many contents on Instagram – where anyone can see and say what they want out of their mind. Instead, I will keep the journey of sharing the Sashiko insights on the Patreon, where I ask a monthly contribution so I can spend a good amount of time to share & discuss if there is any conflict.

When you are interested in the Sashiko we practice to the level of asking me to write about the Sashiko we practice, it would be so much helpful to be a supporter and read through what I have been sharing first.

I am a human after all. As much as I respect the policy I implemented here, I have a preference in who I will be working together. When you ask me questions indicating you have not read my words mindfully before, then I will be discouraged to work with you. When I can tell you read and respect what I write, then I will be happy to work with. I may accept the offer even without the fee and specific purpose on the media.

I believe what I am asking here is reasonable. When you ask for someone to spend their time, you would either need to compensate for their time, or you spend the same amount of time in knowing who you are asking for.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Enjoy Sashiko Stitching and also reading my writing on Patreon. Remember, though. The truth exists in practice (stitching).

4 thoughts to “Sashiko Contribution | when you need Atsushi to write”

  1. I have been looking for a place to contact you regarding the online class. I have a seat, but only have an iPad to work with. Will this work? I would love to come to NewYork to take a couple classes but I live in Wisconsin. My daughter lives in Walden New York, and tells me I could find my way to your area. I have many questions about the in person classes. I am 72 and just discovered Sashiko, I have had to teach myself, and my fingers don’t always work so good, but I keep working. I especially like the hitomezasi sashiko. I have been practicing on the little kitchen cloths. Thank you for your time. I will keep stitching and learning

    1. Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your comment here.
      An iPad should be good enough to watch the Online Sashiko Class videos.
      You can view a “welcome video” before registering the Online Sashiko Class. Please check if you can watch the video with your iPad.

      In order to join the Live Session, an iPad, a stand or a tripod, and App called Zoom would be necessary. A decent iPad should be good for this purpose. I have articles explaining how to set up for the Live Session. Please check them below. The whole purpose of the Live Session is to confirm your hand-posture after watching the lecture video over and over again.

      If you can make a visit to NYC (or PA), then I will be available to share the Sashiko we practice without worrying about the iPad.

      I look forward to meeting you online or in-person.

      Best Regards,

  2. Hello, This is not a comment but, a question. I have a quilt that I made and to hand quilt it, I would like to Sashiko the layers together instead of hand quilting. Is the thread you have for Sashiko, cotton and would it be strong enough to do what I want? Thank you for your time. Alicia

    1. Hello Alicia,

      Our Sashiko thread is quite strong for the cotton thread. It should be strong enough for the hand-stitching (hand-quilting) project.
      Also, it would be great if you could learn why we call it “Sashiko Thread”. You may learn here, “”.

      Thank you.

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