Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Upcycle Stitches LLC is an official distributors of Coron Sashiko Thread in the United States. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya has a good partnership with Coron manufacture and Keiko obtain the permission to distribute their thread in the United States for us. As of Spring 2021, we are not looking for the wholesale option with distributors due to the limited amount of production. However, some bulk discount may be available when you would like to purchase more than 20 skeins. Please contact Atsushi for the details.

We have in stock these colors.

  • 15 Solid Colors
  • 5 Variegated Colors
  • 2 Original Colors (Dyed Synthetic but looks natural)

*[Update in 2022] We are notified that there are similar Sashiko thread with similar name (Coron) available in the market. I have not confirmed if they are the identical thread to the one we use. In order to fully enjoy the purpose of Sashiko Thread, please purchase them from one of our web platforms. Thank you.

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Sashiko Gift Card // Sashiko for You & Yours

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Thank you for visiting Upcycle Stitches Website.

This is a "digital" gift card. After the purchase, you will receive an email with the giftcard and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for any products we have on this store. Although we set an expiration for 5 years from the day of purchase, we are willing to be flexible on that.

  • *The Gift Card can be used on anything on our website, as long as the item is available.
  • *This is a Gift Card, so it has "value" like Cash. It is not a donation. Please make sure that you keep the Gift Card under your control. Any violation of general rule of Gift Card (such as Duplication) will be handled with deactivating the Gift Card. I will be honest & caring, so please be honest & caring as well.

(I sincerely appreciate for several inquiries for donations to specific purposes, such as protecting Japanese Sashiko suppliers and artisans - including myself. I couldn't believe what I was reading when I received them. I do not know how "donation" will be categorized in the for-profit business like us, in the USA. I am learning & preparing the web page. If you are willing to make a donation instead of the Gift Card, please contact me so I can expedite my journey on this.)

This is my first challenge to offer the Gift Card.

Atsushi is here to assist in using the Gift Card. We will be sincere for your request.

【Notes for the Sashiko Gift Card】

  • The Gift Card will expire after 5 years from the purchase date, following the law in the state of Pennsylvania (I am happy to extend the expiration if you are in need of doing so.)
  • A gift card can be used in multiple orders until it’s fully redeemed. You can see the remaining balance if they click the "View Gift Card" button in the email or after they apply a gift card at checkout:
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Store to purchase Coron Sashiko Thread

We have 3 online channel to sell Coron Sashiko Thread. Please choose the channel in your preference. We occasionally offer coupons and deals.

In our official store, the bulk discount and open-order may be available.


When they are out of stock

Because of our business size, we do not have a large inventory. Therefore, from time to time, the threads get sold out. Especially these colors of #10 and #15 are very popular, and they may be sold out. In a case of unavailability due to inventory, please contact us for open-order. We will make sure that you would get as soon as possible without extra fees. Waiting time will not exceed 2 weeks after receiving the open order.

Coron Sashiko Thread #10 Coron Sashiko Thread #15

Coron Sashiko Thread is one of the best Sashiko thread.

We have been so many years of relationship with Coron Thread Manufacture Company. We sincerely believe their thread is one of the best thread available in the market. They are made in Japan and made from Egyptian Cotton 100%. They aren’t the cheapest option, but the price is reasonable considering the length of thread (145-meters) and the quality. In fact, it is the best option to get the better Sashiko result. I always use Coron Sashiko Thread and merely use the other brand thread.

I hope you find these thread appropriate (the best) to your Sashiko project.

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