Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Upcycle Stitches LLC is an official distributors of Coron Sashiko Thread in the United States. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya has a good partnership with Coron manufacture and Keiko obtain the permission to distribute their thread in the United States for us. As of Spring 2021, we are not looking for the wholesale option with distributors due to the limited amount of production. However, some bulk discount may be available when you would like to purchase more than 20 skeins. Please contact Atsushi for the details.

We have in stock these colors.

  • 15 Solid Colors
  • 5 Variegated Colors
  • 2 Original Colors (Dyed Synthetic but looks natural)

*[Update in 2022] We are notified that there are similar Sashiko thread with similar name (Coron) available in the market. I have not confirmed if they are the identical thread to the one we use. In order to fully enjoy the purpose of Sashiko Thread, please purchase them from one of our web platforms. Thank you.

Purchase Our Coron Sashiko Thread

QuiltCon 2024 Recommended Additional Items

In stock
Product Details

*This is "Recommended Additional" Item Package (which is NOT required to purchase). For the Required Package for Sashiko Workshop in QuiltCon, please purchase the Required Package in this following Link Here.



Looking for some items & supply for Sashiko After QuiltCon 2024? I prepared some good deals for the QuiltCon 2024 Participants. This item is only for those who are registered to QuiltCon 2024. Please check the regular product page if you aren't taking the Class in QuiltCon 2024. All of the items will be either shipped with QuiltCon 2024 Supply Package or shipped to Atlanta so that you can pick it up there.

Please be advised that All of the necessary materials & Supply for QuiltCon 2024 are included in the special designed packages I prepare for Sashiko Workshop "Core & Essence". In this page, I offer some recommended items which may be helpful to you in praciticng Sashiko. This is the limited Deal for only the QuiltCon 2024 Participants.


Choices Of Tools

ONLY Available for QuilcCon 2024 Participants of Sashiko Workshops

Please complete the purchase of your QuiltCon 2024 Class Package First. Without confirming the participation of QuiltCon 2024 by purchasing the special package above, it will take longer time to process the order. Please be advised that this item will be either shipped to your home address with Special Supply Package for QuiltCon 2024, or you will receive it in QuiltCon 2024 right before the workshop start along with the Special Supply Package. Thank you.

  1. Thread Clipper (Grip Scissors) with Red/White stripe Grip Short Blade: $18.00 ($19.50)
  2. Carbon Paper to Transfer the pattern on Fabric (White): Original Item Here: $13.80 ($15.20)
  3. Mylar Paper to Protect the Carbon Paper (Half-Folded) - Original Item Here: $3.50 ($3.95)
  4. Extra Fabric (28" x 11" // The Same Indigo Fabric in the workshop package, just without the pattern prepared) - Original Item Here: $16.50 ($18.50 )
  5. Extra Needles & Thimble - Original Item Here :
  6. Extra Chalk Pencil (Included in the package) - Original Item Here :
  7. Extra Bobbin Paper - Original Item Here :
  8. Extra Threaders (Set of 5)
  9. Extra 1 skein of Sashiko Thread we use in the workshop - By default, I will send #10 Natural White Color. You can choose the color from 15 colors (check the weblink above), and please list your color preference at the check-out page so that I can exchange it. $12.00 ($13.80)
  10. Fabric Scissors from the manufacture that supply us the scissors. Commercial Grade for reasonable pricing: $36.50 ( $39.80)

Also, Sone complete sets of all the above is available with extra discount.

  • A: Complete Set of (1~9) - without fabric scissors
  • B: Premium Complete Set of - with fabric scissors & upgraded professional grade thread clipper - only 5 sets available.

Sashiko Thread Does Matter

The Sashiko Thread is the most important element to fully enjoy the Sashiko Stitching We practice. I would like to offer 10% OFF Coupon for the QuiltCon Workshop participants. Please fill out this Google Form to get the Coupon after completing the purchase of Special Package.


The order will be either

  1. I will include the order in the supply package to you (will be shipped)
  2. I will hand it to you on QuiltCon 2024

The Recommendation For Thread is Following:

All of following Sashiko Threads are eligible to the 10% OFF Coupon


*Please be advised that this set is NOT required to purchase. This is just a recommended items & set for your convenience. If you have your own tools, please do not feel pressured to purchase them. I only prepared the set to ease the possible trouble of getting things ready.

*This Offer is exclusive deal for the participants in Sashiko Workshop of QuiltCon 2024. If you are interested in purchasing them as non-participants, please contact me first. I am happy to offer the same deal to anyone who have taken our Sashiko workshops before.


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Store to purchase Coron Sashiko Thread

We have 3 online channel to sell Coron Sashiko Thread. Please choose the channel in your preference. We occasionally offer coupons and deals.

In our official store, the bulk discount and open-order may be available.


When they are out of stock

Because of our business size, we do not have a large inventory. Therefore, from time to time, the threads get sold out. Especially these colors of #10 and #15 are very popular, and they may be sold out. In a case of unavailability due to inventory, please contact us for open-order. We will make sure that you would get as soon as possible without extra fees. Waiting time will not exceed 2 weeks after receiving the open order.

Coron Sashiko Thread #10 Coron Sashiko Thread #15

Coron Sashiko Thread is one of the best Sashiko thread.

We have been so many years of relationship with Coron Thread Manufacture Company. We sincerely believe their thread is one of the best thread available in the market. They are made in Japan and made from Egyptian Cotton 100%. They aren’t the cheapest option, but the price is reasonable considering the length of thread (145-meters) and the quality. In fact, it is the best option to get the better Sashiko result. I always use Coron Sashiko Thread and merely use the other brand thread.

I hope you find these thread appropriate (the best) to your Sashiko project.

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