Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Coron Sashiko Thread Available in USA

Upcycle Stitches LLC is an official distributors of Coron Sashiko Thread in the United States. Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya has a good partnership with Coron manufacture and Keiko obtain the permission to distribute their thread in the United States for us. As of Spring 2021, we are not looking for the wholesale option with distributors due to the limited amount of production. However, some bulk discount may be available when you would like to purchase more than 20 skeins. Please contact Atsushi for the details.

We have in stock these colors.

  • 15 Solid Colors
  • 5 Variegated Colors
  • 2 Original Colors (Dyed Synthetic but looks natural)

*[Update in 2022] We are notified that there are similar Sashiko thread with similar name (Coron) available in the market. I have not confirmed if they are the identical thread to the one we use. In order to fully enjoy the purpose of Sashiko Thread, please purchase them from one of our web platforms. Thank you.

Purchase Our Coron Sashiko Thread

No Numbered Natural Dye Sashiko Thread | #000 One of a kind

Out of stock
Product Details

This is a package of either 3 skeins or 5 skeins of Natural Dye Sashiko Thread dyed by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya.

→You may read a full story about this deal on the article.

We have about 30 Colors Natural Dye Sashiko Thread available here. In order to create these beautiful 30 colors, we have created many "mistakes" and we sometimes come across the errors even after we stabilize the process of Natural Dye. We haven't list these "errors" since it is not reproducible, and from time to time, the colors are uneven.

We put these thread aside and didn't put any numbers. We have been using these "No Numbered" Natural Dye Sashiko Thread for our own projects.

One day, on Instagram Sashiko Live Streaming in Japanese, I learned that there are customers who would like to have this "one of a kind". So, here is a package of #000. One of a kind. Once in a (almost) life time unless miracle happens again.

You may choose the package of 3 skeins or 5 skeins. Unless specifically notified, the package contains no same colors. We will explain which color is from which dye materials.

Please read and agree the condition before placing the order.

  1. You will not be able to choose the color. Atsushi will pack the available colors. If you have a preference such as "Pink-ish" or "Blue-ish", please leave a comment in the check-out process. I will do my best to accomodate.
  2. We will not accept the return for this item unless the package gets damaged during the shipping process. Please understand the concept of this "#000 - No Numbered" Sashiko Thread.
  3. Because of the characteristic of "#000 - No Numbered" Sashiko Thread, we will not be able to provide the same colors to you. If you would like to get more than 2 skeins in the same color, please let me know in advance. It may be possible to accomodate.
  4. The stock of color #000 is very limited. The package may be shipped from Japan with no extra cost, but it may longer than the usual shipping time.

Prepackaged Deal | One of a Kind

We prepared some of the prepackaged deal to give you some ideas. Please choose a prepackaged deal as photos introduce. They are one of a kind item, so you will not be able to receive the same package. I also sell them in person, so there is a slight possibility that the package is sold out regardless of availability online (The chance of sold out is very rare, but it could happen).

What we have prepared are:

  • 3 Colored Natural Dye | Package A | Sold Out
  • 3 Colored Natural Dye | Package B | Sold Out
  • 3 Colored Natural Dye | Package C | Sold Out
  • 3 Colored Natural Dye | Package D | Sold Out
  • 1 skein of "Uneven Dye" Green Color Dyed by Indigo (Sold Out, check the new page)
  • 1 skein "Uneven Dye" Blue Color Dyed By Indigo (Sold Out, check the new page)
  • 1 skein "Uneven Dye" Purple Color Dyed By LacDye | Sold Out

*Uneven Dye Sashiko Thread is one-of-a-kind because of its unevenness. You may purchase the several skeins of threads, but they may not have the same color (could be very similar). Please understand that the un-evenness of color is not even throughout threads... (I hope it makes sense.)

*Pre-packaged item may be only available in the USA. We will try our best to match the color and ship out from Japan for the international orders.

Thank you very much for your interest & generosity to understand this unique offer.

[Product (Thread) Information]

  • Manufacture in Japan / Hand Dyed in Japan
  • Material : Egyptian Cotton 100%
  • Length : About 145 meter per skein
  • Weight : About 26~28 g

*Please read the article of How to handle Natural Dye Thread and Fabric.

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Store to purchase Coron Sashiko Thread

We have 3 online channel to sell Coron Sashiko Thread. Please choose the channel in your preference. We occasionally offer coupons and deals.

In our official store, the bulk discount and open-order may be available.


When they are out of stock

Because of our business size, we do not have a large inventory. Therefore, from time to time, the threads get sold out. Especially these colors of #10 and #15 are very popular, and they may be sold out. In a case of unavailability due to inventory, please contact us for open-order. We will make sure that you would get as soon as possible without extra fees. Waiting time will not exceed 2 weeks after receiving the open order.

Coron Sashiko Thread #10 Coron Sashiko Thread #15

Coron Sashiko Thread is one of the best Sashiko thread.

We have been so many years of relationship with Coron Thread Manufacture Company. We sincerely believe their thread is one of the best thread available in the market. They are made in Japan and made from Egyptian Cotton 100%. They aren’t the cheapest option, but the price is reasonable considering the length of thread (145-meters) and the quality. In fact, it is the best option to get the better Sashiko result. I always use Coron Sashiko Thread and merely use the other brand thread.

I hope you find these thread appropriate (the best) to your Sashiko project.

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