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Natural Dye Artist

The founder and producer of 1883 Indigo.Dyeing., Takeshi Udo, enjoy Natural Botanical Dye.


Takeshi Udo

He was born in a small village in the mountain in 1983.  Both his parents are the craftsmen. His father was a furniture upholsterer and his mother, she’s still on active, is a dyer. Because of such home environment, he has been familiar with making something by hands and liked to create things.

After he graduated the high school in his hometown, he went over to the U.S and he had spent about 5 years there. Then he came back to Japan and started to live in Kyoto.  In Kyoto, he had worked for textile design studio for about 4 years.  From that experience, he got interested in fashion and fabrics.

In 2015, he decided to learn dye from his mother and started to create natural-dyed product under the name of 1883.  He always has wanted to make something by his hand for a long time, and he finally found “the something” has been very close to him.


1883 is named after a year when the chemical structure of Indigo was established.  As it happens, it’s exactly 100 years from Takeshi’s birth year.  1883’s products are all natural and hand dyed using indigos, herbs and seasonal plants.  Some of those plants are grown in Takeshi’s parents’s garden.
The main products of 1883 are scarves and stoles.  For my products, Takeshi selected high quality and pleasant feel fabrics.  They are made from organic cotton, linen, silk and wool and most of them are weave in Japan.  Some products are hand stitched.  Takeshi wants you to feel the warmth of the handmade and blessing colors of nature from 1883’s works.

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