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Why you want to Buy Sashiko Thread from us

I have been feeling a boom in Sashiko stitching recently. Especially in 2018, there are more search in terms of Sashiko, and increase in inquiries and questions. Other retail stores online started offering our Coron Sashiko Thread as well. Although the competition in popular products is a healthy economic activity, let me share the reason why you want to buy Sashiko Thread, or any other Sashiko related materials, from us, Upcycle Stitches.


Learn about our Sashiko Thread


Buy Sashiko Thread = Be part of our Sashiko Community


I am a single member LLC to offer Sashiko tutorials, Sashiko services, and merchandise sales in the United States. As of now, I am able to answer all the questions within a day or so, but when the demands increase, I will have to prioritize in answering the questions and inquiries. Since I do not know anyone who is as knowledgeable as I am regarding Sashiko AND can speak/write English, the process of following up to the Sashiko questions is the job only I can do. It is not a job I can outsource.


At the same time, I have a goal of sharing the concept & technique of Sashiko to as many people as possible.

One of the process to achieve these goals is to offer “free online video tutorials” and “Sashiko articles to answer the possible questions. ” Although I have a pile of free information available, it is, of course, assuring to have someone answering the questions. I am here for that, and I probably need to prioritize the questions in future.



Buy Sashiko Thread | Know Customers


I would like to know my customers.

When I receive the order on this website (, I will know you. That is a very important process for me. I remember who you are, and I will try my best to follow-up with your needs in Sashiko. The customer of our store will be prioritized in receiving my answers. It is fair, right?


I have a shop at this website, Etsy, and Amazon.

Either of these is fine to buy Sashiko Thread. This website is the easiest for me to remember you, then Etsy. In order to understand who is buying Sashiko thread on Amazon, you would need to tell me that you had purchased it from our store by confirming with your order number. I believe I am setting the price competitive and reasonable. (Please let me know if you find a store offering the same product with much cheaper price, like 40% cheaper than the price on either store above.)


Make sure that YOU know who you are buying Sashiko thread from.

If you understand you buy Sashiko thread from Sashiko professionals or crafting store, then I am not worried. They will answer your questions when you need a help. In this society with the Internet, anyone can be a seller of any kinds of products. I can foresee some sellers joining the Sashiko Thread market when they learn that Sashiko thread is popular. When it happens, please try to understand who you are buying from.


Not only you may not get a support after purchase, your action may be discouraging the Sashiko culture.



Sashiko thread is not only a product for us

It is kind of strange to mention, but we believe that Sashiko thread is a way to connect with the potential Sashiko practitioner. We do not consider it as a mere product to sell. We need to make a living out of Sashiko, so the price is competitive, but again, we believe the pricing is reasonable.


We also respect the long-established and traditional manufacturers in Japan, especially those who have been trying to pass down their hand-crafting culture to the next generation. When you purchase our items including Sashiko thread, you are supporting these manufacturers we respect. As a result, my customers are supporting the traditional craft/manufactures in Japan.




Buy Sashiko = Support Sashiko as Culture

Buy Sashiko Thread


Again. It may be strange since the goal of “business” is ultimately making a profit.

I have been there and I have done that. If I would like to focus on profit (money), Sashiko is not the best conclusion to work on… all hand-made. How can this be profitable like other capitalistic business?


My mother and I talked about it when we “re-start” our Sashiko life.

“When we can make a living with what we like to do, we don’t need millions of dollars to be happy.”


We are pretty happy by doing the enjoyable Sashiko we suggest here and there. Now, we would like to protect this beaeutiful culture, including everyone who is in the process of making them. Thread manufactures, textile manufactures, and all the unknown artisans in Japan.

By knowing who you are buying items from, you can support these people instead of spending a 1 penny less on some random sellers.



Continuous Support & Customer Experience Improvement


Asking customers to buy Sashiko thread based on our reasoning is just our side of stories.

We understand it is very important to continuously improve the customer experience. I have been planning to install the “customer loyalty service” so you can get benefit of keep using our store. We are a very small store to share Sashiko items. We remember you as cutomers and we would like to welcome you to our Sashiko Community.


Enjoy Sashiko!

Sashiko Jackets Collection Keiko Futatsuya

Sashiko Jackets by Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya is not only a name for Keiko’s business but it also represents a group of hand-craft artists who are good friends of Keiko. “.Co” indicates “Community” when we named it together. A group of Sashiko artists, Sashiko directors, Japanese Tailors, and other artisans continue creating beautiful Sashiko Jackets and other Sashiko arts, slowly but surely.


Keiko is the leader, and they share the same artisan mind-set

I love the Sashi.Co group.

They are truly artisans. And these types of artisans share the same mindset, “Completeness/integrity to their job.” If they do not satisfy their job, they do not want to release it to the public. They do not receive the money until they truly feel that they performed their job and met expectation.

Keiko is the leader of the group, and Keiko is the significant one with this mindset.


Sashiko Jacekts


Look at this Jacket. It is a beautiful piece, and for me, it is ready to go on the Sales page. However, Keiko thinks that she has to fix things before I can introduce it on Sashi.Co Website. Therefore she doesn’t give me the sizing and pricing. She takes photos to get reactions from me, friends and other customers. However, she isn’t ready for selling this yet.


We have a lot of Jackets like that.

When she makes a Jacket, she imagines who would wear. So the sizing is not suitable for Keiko all the time. This is a bit bigger Jacket for the larger person than Keiko’s sizing.  Although the jacket looks fantastic, it will be introduced after she completed her job.d


Sashiko Jackets 3



One of a kind Sashiko Jackets available for you

It takes a long time to complete one Jackets. We introduced a lot of Sashiko Jackets in 2015 because she worked a lot between the end of 2013 to throughout 2014. After we started Sashiko project, she needs to do other works to make sales, the process of making new Sashiko jackets get a bit slower.


However, many of her Sashiko Jackets are available for you to purchase. 

Many Jackets moves off-line when she have an exhibition or a pop-up store. If you found your favorite Jacket online, please contact us. I will be happy to translate all the e-mails to Keiko, so Keiko can adjust the jacket as you wish without changing the concept and design.



1883 INDIGO DYEING | Japanese Natural Dye Artist


Natural Dye Artist

The founder and producer of 1883 Indigo.Dyeing., Takeshi Udo, enjoy Natural Botanical Dye.


Takeshi Udo

He was born in a small village in the mountain in 1983.  Both his parents are the craftsmen. His father was a furniture upholsterer and his mother, she’s still on active, is a dyer. Because of such home environment, he has been familiar with making something by hands and liked to create things.

After he graduated the high school in his hometown, he went over to the U.S and he had spent about 5 years there. Then he came back to Japan and started to live in Kyoto.  In Kyoto, he had worked for textile design studio for about 4 years.  From that experience, he got interested in fashion and fabrics.

In 2015, he decided to learn dye from his mother and started to create natural-dyed product under the name of 1883.  He always has wanted to make something by his hand for a long time, and he finally found “the something” has been very close to him.


1883 is named after a year when the chemical structure of Indigo was established.  As it happens, it’s exactly 100 years from Takeshi’s birth year.  1883’s products are all natural and hand dyed using indigos, herbs and seasonal plants.  Some of those plants are grown in Takeshi’s parents’s garden.
The main products of 1883 are scarves and stoles.  For my products, Takeshi selected high quality and pleasant feel fabrics.  They are made from organic cotton, linen, silk and wool and most of them are weave in Japan.  Some products are hand stitched.  Takeshi wants you to feel the warmth of the handmade and blessing colors of nature from 1883’s works.

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya | Sashiko Artisans

Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya offers a variety of hand-made Sashiko Art, produced by Keiko Futatsuya and her company (friends). Keiko has more than 30 years of experience in Sashiko, and last 10 years she has been enjoying her work as the Sashiko designer and Sashiko producer. Her design with deep knowledge about Sashiko makes truly exclusive Sashiko arts with Japanese vintage fabric and BOROs.

Keiko Futatsuya Collection 2 Keiko Futatsuya Collection 1

Keiko Futatsuya, the ex-unsung hero to the artist in spot lights.

Until the year of 2014, the name of Keiko Futatsuya barely shows up in the media. She worked under the Sashiko business, and every Sashiko piece she directed was introduced with the brand name; not with her name. In 2015, she started her own brand, Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya. We are so happy to be able to bring her up to the stage of Sashiko arts. Her Sashiko arts are just stunning.


Sashi.Co means a group of people Keiko depends on

When we introduce Keiko’s work, people often ask if she makes all of the Sashiko art pieces by herself. The answer is “No”. However, she directs all of the Sashiko arts. She designs, she hand-stitch Sashiko, ask her friends to do bigger Sashiko, depends on the professional for tailoring and so on. We sincerely enjoy bringing their work to the USA.


Keiko Futatsuya Boro Noragi