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Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop | May 3rd

May 3rd, 2018. This day became another great milestone on our Sashiko Journey, to learn what we can provide throughout our Sashiko experience. We had a group of Stitchers from Thailand to have Keiko’s Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork workshop in her private space.

I started a Sashiko workshop in late 2016 in the USA. Ever since I started introducing the Sashiko Workshops in English, many people asked me if they can take the Sashiko Workshop when they travel to Japan. Some inquires got fade out, some couldn’t fit their schedule, and some could make it happen with their passion & luck. Some people even travel for 5 hours only to take Keiko’s workshop.

It is our surprise, hand big honor to be respected this amount.


Regardless of my belief in Keiko’s ability and talent, I always worried (and still worry) about the language barrier. However, every time Keiko has a workshop, the happy faces surprised me that my worry regarding language isn’t the big obstacle in sharing Sashiko stitching.


Here, with participants’ permission, let me share happy faces with their brilliant result of a day-long workshop for Boro-Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop.


Happy Faces with their Beautiful Sashiko

Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful photos. The Boro inspired fabric is done by each participant. They are all unique and so beautiful.



Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _2

Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _3

Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _4

Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _5

Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _6

Boro Sashiko Workshop in Japan _1



The detail of Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop


In Japan, we do not offer the Boro & Sashiko workshop regularly. The workshops are only available by privately arranged and appointed. Please read the article about “Customize Sashiko Workshop in Japan” and contact me for setting up the workshop to meet your preference & expectation.


This workshop was a whole day workshop, starting at 9 until the dinner time. The participants will finish their projects to make it a Tote-bag. We provide enough materials to do so. The result is simply amazing, and we are so glad to have many happy faces. The contents of Sashiko related workshops are independently different. It means that I will modify the content of workshop by hearing your preferences and experience.

When you are serious, please feel free to contact Atsushi for the arrangement.


Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop All



Please be advised for maximizing the workshop experience here.

Keiko will show you how to use thimble, needle, and do Sashiko workshop. However, there is a slight possibility that the language barrier causes the frustration. I will do everything I can do to follow up, but please consider to take Atsushi’s Sashiko Workshops in advance, if possible. You do not need to know how to use a needle and thimble in our Sashiko method. However, we strongly recommend you having the basic needlework skill.


Boro and Sashiko. Share the fun and beauty


This Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop taught me, again, how beautiful the Sashiko and Boro piece can be. 7 participants made 7 completely unique Boro-inspired patchworks. All of them are so beautiful and precious.

It is all about preferences. Not being right or wrong.

When we stop judging others, and most importantly ourselves, we can enjoy our life more and more.


This is the Boro and Sashiko we love.


Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop 33

Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop 22



*The Japanese article can be found


16 thoughts to “Boro Inspired Sashiko Patchwork Workshop | May 3rd”

  1. Hello, my name is Faye and I’m from Australia. My 5 friends and I are coming to Japan in January for the Tokyo quilt show and wonder can we do a boro and sashiko workshop with you. We will meet soon to plan our trip. Many thanks . Please tell me where you are in Japan.

    1. Hi Faye,
      I have sent you a reply regarding your request! Thank you for your comment.


  2. Hello my name is jenny and Ian visitingfamily in Japan this month. I am from Australia and wonder if there is a class before I return on 6/9/19.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for leaving the comment. As of now, we only offer the workshop in Japanese, and/or Atsushi’s Online workshop graduate, or the Patreon supporter. Please check our website to learn more about how to get the workshop in Japan.

      Best Regards,

  3. Can you please consider doing an online workshop for those of us who cannot travel to Japan? Thank you!

      1. Hello Debe & Liliane,

        I apologize for the late reply.
        I am not sure if I can offer the Online “Boro” class, but I do have the Online Workshop for the Sashiko, which is very much necessary for the Boro.

        As of 2020, I make the Sashiko Workshop as the prerequisite of all of the In-Person Workshop both in Japan & in the USA. So, please consider taking the Online Workshop there to start off.

        I receive other request to develop other kind of Online Class from the Sashiko Class graduate. I will priotize that, and will think about Boro next.

        Thank you.

  4. Yes, why don’t you do an online workshop???? It only makes sense! Why deny the rest of us who do not or cannot travel. I am forced to be at home due to my chronic pain and am not able to travel. I miss out on many thing and need to have nice activities to do. Please do an online class for those of us who cannot go anywhere due to health, money, etc.

    1. Hi Magda,

      We do have the Online Class, and we do not deny the rest of world.
      In order to avoid unfortunate misunderstanding, we set the prerequisite of Sashiko Class (Workshop) to other Workshop we offer both in Japan & USA. Please consider starting your journey by learning the basic & core technique/understanding of Sashiko.

      You do not need to travel at all. Anyone with PC or Tablet (Smartphone) can enjoy & learn the necessary skill to make it happen.

      I am looking forward to meeting you there.


  5. I am American and an very interested in an in person class. I live in Iwakuni Shi, Yamaguchi Ken
    I have a few friends interested in Sashiko Technique. Please let me know availability for the upcoming year. I have a few friends interested

    1. Hello,

      Do you & your friends understand Japanese well?
      All of In-Person Workshop in Japan require either Fluent Japanese or prerequisite of Sashiko Class offered in English.

      For Japanese, please visit this page and contact them in Japanese.

      For English Class to get prerequisite, please take our Online Sashiko Class.

      After learning the Core & Essence in Sashiko, we are happy to offer this Boro Inspired Patchwork Workshop.
      Thank you.

  6. I will be travelling to Japan in May (2024). Will there be a workshop I can attend during my visit, please?

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