Sashiko Workshop Graduate Makes A beautiful Jacket

A Sashiko Workshop Graduate makes Beautiful Jacket

I enjoy hearing from Sashiko Workshop participants after they finish their project at home. A Sashiko Workshop Graduate makes very beautiful Sashiko pieces. Today, let me introduce a beautiful Sashiko patched Jacket from a student who overcame the challenge of learning how to do Sashiko stitching.

Sashiko Workshop Graduate Makes

Beautiful Patches by Sashiko Workshop Graduate makes

A workshop graduate patched a vintage Jacket with Japanese vintage fabric with Sashiko stitching. The patching and stitching make it “one-of-a-kind” jacket. It is so unique and exclusive. This jacket could be displayed on the shelf of fashion store, I believe. I am so proud of her continuing her stitching experience.

I do not teach how to make patches in the workshop, but the basic Sashiko stitching technique can be very useful in your stitching project.


Our Sashiko Workshop will give you more possibility

In 3 hours basic Sashiko workshop, I focus on sharing how to use the Sashiko Thimble and long Sashiko needles. By learning the method, you will experience the “speed” of Sashiko stitching. The faster your stitching goes, the more project you can make. It is the first step to makes “more” to have “better” result. Only practice makes it perfect.

Learning the new method can be challenging to many people, especially those who have previous stitching experience. However, I will not give up teaching you unless you decide not to follow the technique we use.

*Please be advised that the method we use it NOT the universally “right” method. We established the stitching techniques and follow it since we believe this is the most productive and efficient. There is no need to follow it. It is up to you. Our goal is to share the Sashiko stitching to the world. 


I hope you can join our team to enjoy Sashiko more by stitching more!


Sashiko Workshop in NYC on 6/24&25 is now ready to register.

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