Mylar Paper

Mylar Paper | Best Supply to Transfer Material

In Sashiko stitching, it is very important to learn how to transfer the pattern on the fabric. I repeatedly mention it because the well-transferred pattern on the fabric will result in a good Sashiko stitching. In the process of transferring, using the mylar paper is a key point to avoid mistakes.

Here are the video and the article of how to transfer the pattern.




We used to use Cello Sheet (with the struggles)

To be honest, we didn’t know about the mylar paper until 2013. We used to transfer the pattern by using thin Cellophane sheet (Poly sheet). We had to discard the cello sheet everytime we used and it was difficult to use them. We kept doing it because we had a professional for the process of drawing and transferring the pattern on Sashiko fabric. She was an artist in that field. It was challenging to transfer pattern accurately even for a person who has a bit of experience, like me.


When we decided to share the process and technique of Sashiko, we thought of this troublesome process. We wanted people to learn how to prepare the fabric by themselves. However, the materials and process would be so challenging that some of them may be disappointed by the low quality. We even once decided to Not to provide the D.I.Y Set because of the issue.


Then, we found this mylar paper

Then, we found this mylar paper. A supreme quality and good thickness make the transferring process so easy. We are now comfortable to share the process so everyone can enjoy the preparation. It is fun to do Sashiko stitching with your own favorite design.


Mylar Paper 2

The Size: 16.5″ x 11.75″


It is even printable with a laser printer (Not an ink-jet printer). Enjoy the preparing process, and Enjoy Sashiko even more.