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KUON Special Order Boro Jacket

Wow. WOW!! Look at this fantastic jacket, KUON Special Order Boro Jacket. Just stunning. Keiko (Sashi.Co & Keiko Futatsuya) mended with Sashiko stitching on the boro fabric. We are so happy to be a part of the production of this super cool jacket.

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KUON Special Order Boro Jacket

KUON Special Order Boro Jacket | Amazing

KUON Special Order Boro Jacket

KUON is a fashion brand appreciating the Japanese traditional hand-crafting techniques in Japan including Sashiko, Boro and a lot more. They combine the beauty of Japanese vintage fabric and technique to modern fashion design. This collaboration of the vintage textile and modern fashion was my dream while I was working in Sashiko family business. We knew how to tailor jackets in Japanese traditional way, but we weren’t modern tailor or fashion designer. It is just amazing.


KUON means “eternity”,  “remote past or future”, and “permanence”.

While appreciating the history and culture of vintage clothes or textiles, KUON always seeks for permanent, simple, authentic value, not bound by traditional values.

KUON challenges the existing traditional notion on vintage clothes and revitalizes it with the new value.

New things get old, but beautiful things stay beautiful.

I am so happy to work with them, and they are (will be) the center of attention soon.

Sustainability, Upcycle, Repurpose, Boro and Sashiko

The words of sustainability, upcycle and repurpose represent our concepts in making Boros and Sashiko products. However, in depth, we would not want to forget that we are making fashion item. People like the fashionable and stylish product. When people use these fashionable products, it repurposes the fabric. It means we upcycled it. As a result, we contributed the sustainable society in the textile industry.

We believe that the Boro is the result of human instinct to be beautiful. 


It is very important to avoid confusing “result” and “process.”

We do not make Boro and Sashiko because we would like to focus on sustainability, upcycling and repurposing. We enjoy the style of Boro and Sashiko as the result of upcycling, repurposing, then it becomes a sustainable circle. It is less meaningful if we make something “not-stylish” yet “perfectly sustainable.” We would like to engage in making “very stylish and sustainable.”


KUON is brand leading which is leading this beautiful market. Let’s appreciate the fabric, and enjoy the most stylish thing ever.