Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 12

Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans ~ ASANO-HA CO1

A challenge in 2017 of Modern Denim Fashion came out pretty good. It is still in the process of Sashiko, I thought of sharing the beautiful image of the progress. I received an interesting question if I am hand-stitching or not. Yes, everything is done by hand so it is genuine Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans. It took about 20 hours to complete the Asano-ha pattern. Here is a step by step image how used jeans turn out “one-of-a-kind” Sashiko Jeans.

Each process of Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans

Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 1
New Denim is difficult to do Sashiko on. Pick a used jeans with soft fabric.


Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 2
Try to stitch the straight line first. Think of efficiency.



Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 223



Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans
The pattern started coming up. It is very rewarding time. Enjoying it.


Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans Final
After filling the final line, we can enjoy the beautiful Asano-ha pattern.


Time-consuming but very rewarding

Since it is hand-stitched, the process of making Sashiko stitching is very time-consuming. Some may say that using the machine would speed up the process and avoid the troubles of spending so much time. In fact, there is a sewing machine to make “Sashiko look stitches” available for sale in the market. However, I believe, the imperfectness of hand stitching make the pattern more beautiful. Even speaking of the speed, when we make a stitched to the tailored jeans or jackets, hand-stitching may be faster and efficient.


Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 2233

My goal is to keep this culture and share the technique

As I keep mentioning in this website, my goal is to keep this Sashiko culture to the next generation by sharing the technique. At the same time, for those who are interested in wearing Sashiko jeans, I will restart accepting the order to perform Sashiko stitching on the customer’s garment. It is a time-consuming process, so I cannot take many orders… so sharing the technique is also very important to achieve my goal.

Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans 12


Regardless. Look at this photo. It is so cool and beautiful.

The hand-stitching with “recycle, upcycle, repurpose” concept in sustainability with Slow Fashion may be your choice. Repair it instead of replacing it. The recycle and sustainable fashion can be fashionable and cool.



Hand-Stitched Sashiko Jeans Marina