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Thank you very much for finding our website, Upcycle Stitches. We are very happy to share the Sashiko we enjoy and practice. When you hope to contact us, please describe your requests as detail as possible. It is helpful for us to follow-up when we understand what you would like to have from us.

As of 2019, because of our capacity limit, we do not provide the answers to the questions about Sashiko techniques. Because of the increase in the numbers of inquiries, we are only able to follow-up those who take the Sashiko Workshop (In-person and Online).

We are happy to answer the cultural-related-questions. Please feel free to send me questions about Japanese culture and Sashiko. I will answer them as part of the blog post or a Youtube video. [After September 2019] We used to answer the cultural-related-questions on Youtube and Instagram. After several sad experiences, we moved the main platform to Patreon – where we ask you to support us for a “willingness” to learn. Your support is very much appreciated.

【Update for Contact Form】

We have been experiencing high volume of “spams” via Contact Form. If you do not receive a reply from us within 3 business days, please contact us via email or other media like SNS above. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Sashiko FAQ

I understand you would like to get the answers for the technical concern. Your questions are probably already asked by someone, and we may have provided the answers. Please check the FAQ page as well as our Youtube Channel to find the answers before sending us your question.

Over time, we made many articles and videos so you may be able to find the answers, including the one for the Sashiko technical questions. If you would like to get attentive support for your technical question, please take the workshop.

Sashiko Workshop

Sashiko Stitching Workshop (Basic and Core) by Atsushi Futatsuya is the best way to learn the Sashiko we practice. For the availability, please check the Sashiko Workshop Schedule for 2019. I update the information as soon as I receive the official and final confirmation. It is a good idea to sign up for the newsletter to get the latest information. The sign-up form is on the right side of the main page. If you are browsing this website on a smartphone, it should be the bottom of all the contents. Please scroll it down to “Subscribe to our mailing list” area.

Workshop Availability

As of 2019, we have 2 styles of the workshop. (1) Sashiko workshop that Atsushi & Upcycle Stitches offer in NYC and (2) the workshop with collaborating to a respected organization (that I will be teaching Sashiko with their support).

Both (1) and (2) offer very similar content, “Core and Basic”. I sometimes add the extra contents based on the requests from the collaborating organization. Please check the schedule above for the workshops offered by the 3rd organization. For the workshop Atsushi offers in Tribeca NYC, please fulfills this google form to be on the designated email list. We will contact you once the detail of the workshop is confirmed.

For more information, please refer to this page to understand the type of workshop we offer.

We only offer & arrange the workshop in Japan for those who graduated the Sashiko Workshop offered by Atsushi, either in-person or online. If you would like to take the workshop by Keiko, please take Atsushi’s workshop first.

If you speak Japanese fluently (or native Japanese), you may join the occasional workshop Keiko offers in Japan. Please check the Japanese website for availability. We also recommend learning from Atsushi via Unshin Workshop (運針会).

Online Sashiko Class

We also offer the Online Sashiko Class for those who live far from the east coast of the United States. We try our best to provide the same experience as the in-person workshop. You can confirm some positive feedback on the registration page.

Visiting Atsushi or Keiko.

We receive many inquiries about the location of our studio. As of September 2019, we do not have a physical store or studio where random people can make a visit. You may make an appointment for the visit to see our collection and/or purchase our very best Sashiko supplies.

After some sad experiences, we, unfortunately, decided to make some rules for making an appointment to visit. Please check the article below for more detail.

*Please expect a reply from the e-mail address of either;

 – info●

 – sashikoatsushi●

Contact Us Share Sashiko. Upcycle Atsushi.

Upcycle Stitches LLC and Atsushi aim to be a Sashiko provider for anyone who is interested; including tutorials, articles, materials, supplies, design and a lot more; toward all of the world. Please find some article to navigate you to more information.