Sample Share Purchase Agreement Philippines

A share purchase agreement (SPA), also known as a share purchase agreement, is a contract signed by both the company (or the shareholders of a company) and the purchasers of the stock. This agreement protects both the company and the buyers. The agreement itself defines the sale of shares in a company and what is acquired. Shares of a company are often sold to raise money or other agreed compensation. Small businesses and start-ups can also offer shares in the company as an employee benefit or the founders of the company may hold shares. The agreement itself sets the price per share and the amount of shares acquired. A contract to buy and sell shares is an agreement for the sale and purchase of a given number of shares at an agreed price. The shareholder who sells his shares is the seller and the party that buys the shares is the buyer. This agreement specifies the terms of sale and purchase of the shares. The transfer of shares under this agreement is completed within 10 days of the date on which the determination of the purchase price of the shares to be sold is complete.

The closure will take place at the company`s headquarters at 12:00 p.m. or at the time and place agreed by the parties. The selling shareholder or his personal or social representative provides the buyer, at closing, with the certificates that constitute the acquired shares, as well as additional documents and notes that the purchasers can reasonably require. ☐ seller has permission to ` The officer`s signature is below. 1.4 Purchase price and conclusion. In the case of the acquisition of shares under paragraph 1.3 or the choice of the company or the buying shareholders referred to in paragraph 1.2, the purchase price payable for each share is the net book value from the end of the month prior to the month. Net book value is determined from the regular annual accounts of companies established pursuant to Section 1.5, deducting the total amounts of their liabilities from the total net book value of its assets and differentiating the resulting difference in the number of shares issued and outstanding at the time of the valuation. However, appropriate adjustments are made to dividends and other distributions to shareholders after the valuation date. Restricted share purchase contracts provide the company with the opportunity to better protect its assets.

When stock options are offered to attract talented employees, this type of agreement provides an additional incentive for employee loyalty. With this agreement, a vesting schedule is linked to the transfer of ownership of shares. A standard vesting schedule can be four years, which means you don`t own the stock before running the vesting calendar. The reasons for the establishment of a contract are numerous: (h) the execution, delivery and execution of this deed by the seller does not contravene, with or without notice or over time, a provision applicable to the seller and does not contravene a provision of a license, franchise, establishment, act of trust or any other agreement, obligation or other obligation to which the seller is involved or to which he may be bound , or that would lead to the creation of pawning rights, commissions or charges on any of the seller`s characteristics or assets, or would prevent the seller from fulfilling his obligations under that act.