Seek Agreement

All party agreements must now be sought on this side of the election for a new revision to examine what can be afforded and the type of training and equipment needed in light of the new scenario. A senior Indian official says India has a legitimate interest because a Chinese “flowing knot” strengthens its friends and trading partners around the South China Sea. China`s maritime fixation underscores the appeal of at least reducing concerns about its land borders, which is the argument put forward by some in Beijing for seeking a controversial border deal. For three weeks, the authorities tried to reach an agreement within the framework of the dialogue, he said. To restart, it must again seek an agreement to adapt the 1967 limit, whether the two parties negotiate directly or not. Once you catch who is really pulling the strings and where the real power base is, with whom you have to work, with whom you need to find out, who you need to ask for advice and approval, you can very, very well make these large organizations work very, very wooded. Neither Republicans nor Democrats, he said, will try to kill a deal that has great potential benefits for both countries.