May 26, 2024 at 08:59AM

I have been reading & learning about “What is (Fine) Art?” as I realize my understanding of Art as “something extraordinary” is insufficient. I found an interesting phrase in a book written by a gallery owner. “Art exists on Consideration”. She wrote that Imagining 5W1H behind the piece we look at (feel) is the fundamental of appreciating the Art. Art brings us “Culture”, and culture is strongly structured on individual Consideration. When Art is described like this, I would agree with the Word “Sashiko is Art”.

So… where does the entitlement or arrogance come in the word of Art? I came across some phrase saying “Sashiko is Art so we can do whatever” – or “Be creative (and ignore others)”. When one defines the Art like “whatever” or as if they recommend others to ignore the inconvenience, I would resist to admit that Sashiko is Art – as it is completely opposite as “whatever” and “Ignorance”. Sashiko exists in Imagination & Consideration.

I believe there is no such a thing as “Just because” or “Whatever” in human’s activity. We say “Just because” – but there is always something behind it. It can be either “Just because I don’t care about others” or “Just because I feel it is appropriate (from experience)”. It is easy to distinguish these 2 “Just Because”. Ask them what they meant – when there is experience (stories) behind, they can try to elaborate that. Sashiko can be Art – but “whatever based on ignorance” isn’t a legitimate word to explain the Sashiko.



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