May 19, 2024 at 01:18PM

All Sashiko Project should do the “Final Steps” of its stitching, before starting using it. The process is called “Mizutoushi”, and this is a photo of my daughter helping me to do so on Sunday. Mizutoushi also explains why I keep saying “Thread Matters in Sashiko” as it works like a magic to make “both sides of the fabric” as finished. I do not plan to cover the “wrong-side” of this Furoshiki. I will use it just as is after another step called “Itokiri”.

Stitching is one part of Sashiko. It is probably the main part of Sashiko. However, Stitching itself is NOT the only part of its wisdom. I wouldn’t recommend using any Sashiko fabric without the process of Mizutoushi, and I wouldn’t combine the fabric from those who say they do not need Mizutoushi as they can be completely different things (even if they define it as Sashiko).

The process itself isn’t so complicated, yet full of Stories, and therefore abundance of wisdom. Have you heard of Mizutoush? Do you know why we “need” Mizutoushi? There is no such a thing as “just because” in a long-established culture… So please be mindful when you are learning Sashiko from those who keep saying “Just Because”.




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