June 28, 2024 at 10:14PM

I have a dream. One day, we would respect other’s preferences rather than insisting on one’s preference. The reason I teach Sashiko is to always come back there. There are so many rules, definitions, and information misled by those who think they know about words. They unfortunately result in excluding the most important element of Sashiko from its practice. I focus on the “most important element” first so that they can “reach to” their own rules and definitions, and therefore many find my workshop as “Eye-Opening” even if they have experience in teaching Sashiko for decades.

I have another dream. One day, I would like to see a person/community where they can make a living by just doing Sashiko. This dream contradicts the origin of Sashiko as a part of the Ordinary, yet “someone making ends meet by (only) doing Sashiko” will be a great sign of Sashiko being Sustainable. At this point, I cannot make my ends meet when I only focus on stitching – so it is a big dream, but it isn’t impossible as I had been observing it every single day in my childhood.

The Goal of my teaching, including me being so difficult on the Internet, is the Inclusion in the bigger picture. Some may think I am “excluding” non-Japanese. If you feel like that, please keep reading what I write & say as I am trying to Include you as well as other Japanese in the same boat. The Sashiko trend in English may exclude some Japanese… and it isn’t really the Inclusion even if the “leaders” invite people with comfortable words. I hope that, by achieving the goals above, I will include as many people as possible to create “Sustainable Sashiko”.

相変わらず教える最中の写真は撮れておりませんが…私の刺し子と、見本として持参している @na.na_45 さんの風呂敷とを並べて写真に。回数を重ねる毎に教える技術は上がっているなと思うのは、生徒さんが何を考えていて、何をどう学ぼうかというのが、運針への取り組み方を見るだけでわかるようになってきたことです。取り組み方がわかれば、教え方も臨機応変に変えていけるのです。



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