June 25, 2024 at 07:12PM

Another analogy. Imagine that you visited a park with beautiful Cherry Blossoms. As you are a visitor, it isn’t so convenient to look at them closely, yet enjoyable from far – making you want to learn more about the park & tree so that you can get a better experience next Spring. Hanami – the party by locals also interested you. Then, you saw a person breaking the branch of Cherry Blossom, saying that it is easier to look at flowers, and navigate other guests to take branches together. It spread, and some even started saying that breaking branches & celebrating their own flower is how “Japanese” enjoy the Hanami Culture. You feel strange, but no one speaks up. So, you find it “okay”, and…

In the extreme case, this is how I feel about Sashiko introduced in English. In this analogy, I want YOU to enjoy the Cherry Blossom WITH the people there. I am doing everything to invite guests to meet the Local Japanese & learn how they appreciate the culture. However, because it can take time, some decided to “take” it to their personal joy, leaving the tree with unprofessional pruning, which can be fatal to the tree itself.

Our culture doesn’t exist to entertain someone’s temporary satisfaction. I want everyone to enjoy Sashiko – and the “everyone” includes the Japanese people. I believe they deserve the respect, and I am sharing the way to respect them – instead of breaking the tree for own’s instantaneous joy, I want you to enjoy the process of taking care of the tree throughout its long life.



#Sashiko #刺し子


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