June 21, 2024 at 04:51PM

Whew. Completed this before the Workshop in MN. I will bring this as an example of “Non-Sashiko” and “To Be Boro” items to explain What is “Sashiko/Boro” to us – a group of Japanese people who have committed their lives into Sashiko.

In yesterday’s Live Streaming, I stated that “Every single piece of fabric has the potential to be Boro”. Boro isn’t something so special (although it has pretty crazy monetary value in the Art Industry). Some say that it is impossible to make “Authentic” Boro. What is “Authentic” here? It is another result of simplification & romanticism by those who think they know about Boro.

Boro isn’t the technique, or even style. It is just a “station (toward the final)” of the journey of Fabric. This Denim is NOT Boro at this point. However, when the owner keeps using the Denim, this Denim will start its own journey with carrying other stories from the fabric being part of it. When the journey continues, right before the final destination of this Denim (which can be a trash bin), it will look like “Boro” – and I would consider it as “Authentic Boro”.

I plan to start a group where I lead a better understanding. Please be part of it – and please keep educating others even if they consider themselves as “authorities“ in Sashiko. You may know better than they do.





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